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Andy and Mia

by Appimize
Andy & Mia is a fun addictive puzzle game for all age groups. Andy and Mia set out on a mountain climbing adventure – hand in hand, they keep moving up with consistency.

Andy & Mia carrying their packs, continue upward in overcast weather. Taking breaks every now and then, A & M keep climbing in face of tough obstacles such as falling rocks and slippery mud.

The fact that they have each other’s company, gives them incredible strength to keep climbing hill, collecting diamonds, hearts and stars on their way. Every now and then, they look up and wonder, WOW, We have made it a long way

The climbing game provides a beautiful design with realistic physics and excellent touch control.

As they say, “The closer you are to success, the harder it will be” – so be determined to climb to the top of mountain.


-Lot of Fun & addictive Gameplay

-Excellent sound and beautifully designed graphics

-Easy to use touch control

-Tough obstacles like falling rocks

-Collect diamonds, stars and hearts for more points

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