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Doctor's Office Kids HD
S.Mehdi Nabavi Zadeh
Come and try our virtual doctor office! You complete the file of patients and then start treatment! There are many things to do and learn! We promise you there is nothing to fear, because in our little office you are...
Tic Tac Toe AI
Sammy Moseley
Play Tic Tac Toe against an Artificial Intelligence algorithm or against a friend via Bluetooth. In AI competition mode you can compete on a traditional 3x3 grid or a 4x4 grid. You can use traditional Xs and Os, or...
A Sonic Speed Dash 2 - Chocolate Speedway Chase - HD Racing Game
App Indulge LLC
From the ninjas who brought you the original "Sonic Speed Dash - Crazy Micro Race" comes a sweet new racing adventure! Oh snap! The chocolate factory exploded, covering the race track & all the race cars in warm melted...
Animals on Adventures
Republic Factory
SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE $0.99! Join 24 funny animals on their adventures! First up are puzzles and a memory game. The number of pieces and cards can be chosen, as well as the level of difficulty, so that it fits the...
Decorate your walk-in closet
LPRA Studio
The Decorate Your Walk In Closet game is a great room decoration game which is capable of releasing your inner interior designer. This game is great fun for everyone to enjoy and allows you to make up your own closet...
Chancey of the Maury River
Dogtown Pursuits
Dress up Chancey and his best friend, Claire. Take snapshots of Chancey and Claire in their stylin’ outfits to send to your friends – you pick the background from around the world. Find blue ribbons and unlock a...
Furious Fruits - Fanatics Fruit On The Run
Naxos s.r.o.
Fruitvenge - revenge of the fruits is here! In the previous episode ninjas tried to hide in the night shadow... So know the fruit decided to give them the last stand. Attack on ninjas is going to be devastating! Shoot...
squirrel jump HD
Squirrels have a strong ability to jump, you need to move through the accelerometer to control the squirrels, jump process does not fall, squirrels like to collect acorns, gold, diamonds.
Vampire Clan Fashion Designer
Helen Zanina
What do you think about being a personal designer for clothes for Vampire Clan. You have to be very good in your work that your heroes like your dress and don’t eat you instead. Choose the perfect combination of top,...
White Fighter
印 帅
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes - Cooking Games
Welcome to the most delicious mouth watering game. We are going to prepare some delicious Ice cream cone cupcakes. We have all the necessary ingredients and all we need is you to start preparing. Everyone is going to...
Tattoo Shop Project - Girls Games
This Tattoo Project game is a fun game designed to dress up your characters body with some really fantastic tattoos that you get to design.
Room Cleaning™
Ocean Media
My place is in a mess! I need to clean up my room before the new school year starts. There is much to do: cleaning the trashes, arranging the wardrobe, putting the books back into my school bag… Could you give me a...
Fajita Burger Maker
We are going to cook a tasty burger! Let's walk in to our kitchen and start preparing the burger. Follow the recipe instructions and use your skills to make this delicious burger.
Dragon Rider – Play Fun Dragon Flying Game for Free, Battle For The Skies
Naxos s.r.o.
Fly your dragon in the air and fire your enemies instantly! Guide your dragon through the magic realms, avoid misterious creatures along the way. Hoard up valuable bones! Features: ***** Fly through the air on your...
Animal Memory Mania
Albert Chan
Do elephants really have good memories? How about humans? Challenge your friends and families with this fun memory game. When it comes to boosting your memory, nothing works better than memory games. Memory games are...
Birds and Worms
Adam Smith
Three baby birds are hungry and need to be fed in Birds and Worms! The mama bird crossed the road, but the babies were too afraid to cross with her and there are speedy cars blocking them now! Now the mama bird needs...
Master of Sounds
Ryan Eppolito
Test your knowledge of the world around in this challenging sound-based puzzle game!
Makeover Salon
laurent LOZANO
Girls are having a girls' night out tonight! they are going to a favorite club to a party and since they all need center of attention, they must look sensational, fabulous and in beautiful style. so you need to help...
Bully Bunny
Reload Game Studio
School is not out for summer! So get ready to go back to class! Grab your homework ,your backpack and don't be late! The only problem is that our friend here have been slacking around and forgot to do his assignments...