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Canfield (Demon) Solitaire

by walkthrough Publications
Canfield Solitaire is a card game created by Richard Canfield in the 1890s, The game was played in his casino in Saratoga Springs. It is a very difficult game to win. In the casino version a deck is sold for $50, and the player receives $5 for every card he puts into the foundations. In Canfield Solitaire, the player has a 13 card reserve pile, 4 columns to build down by alternate colors, and 4 foundations to build up by suit. If a column becomes empty, it MUST be filled IMMEDIATELY from the reserve, if there are still cards in the reserve. Cards from the deck are dealt out 3 at a time, and the player can use those to build down the columns, or build up the foundations.

This implementation allows you to decide whether one or three cards are dealt and how many passes thru the deck are allowed. Full player stats are maintained.

A demo game is also provided so you can watch the game being played.

Recent changes:
minor bug fix

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Canfield (Demon) Solitaire

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