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BubblePop Lite

Are you ready for some popping? Once you pop you can’t stop! This fast paced game is easy to learn but impossible to master.

Bubbles must be popped in order from the lowest to highest number. Pop as many as you can for points but do so before time runs out. Make a mistake and you’ll lose time. Clear a round and you’ll earn bonus time. The more bubbles you pop the harder it gets! Warning: Extremely addicting.

Can you get highest pop score?

- Fast action popping
- Cool animations and sound
- Lots of bouncing bubbles
- Increasing difficulty
- High score system

How does does your bubble popping compare to the world? Upgrade to the full version of BubblePop to see your world ranking! The full version also comes with easy, medium, and hard levels plus no advertisements.

Recent changes:
Improved the delay between rounds to always be at least a half second. Added better shadows for text and other minor fixes. If you have enjoyed playing BubblePop Lite please consider upgrading to the full version for only 99 cents. Click the upgrade bubble to be taken directly to the App Store. Full version features world ranking system and Easy, Medium, and Hard levels. Thanks!

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BubblePop Lite BubblePop Lite BubblePop Lite BubblePop Lite BubblePop Lite

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