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Collapsticks Free

by Rumilus Design
The most addictive matchstick game ever!

* 40 free levels!
* Additional 20 free levels for our Facebook fans!
* 6 different game scenes in full version, with 120 game levels altogether!

Collapsticks takes matchstick games to a whole new level with the help of gravity. It looks deceivingly simple, but once you start playing, you'll soon find it hard to put down. Easy to learn but challenging enough to keep your brain busy for hours!

Here's how you play:

Make matchsticks collapse and fall off the screen. Get points for fallen matches. Sounds easy!

Drag a match to the matchbox and see how the structure collapses. Try to figure out how you can make as many matches fall all the way down as possible. Look out for pencils, bugs, bullets and other obstacles.

"Collapsticks is a neat and tidy puzzler that could easily have spiraled in to chaos (like so many other physics manipulating puzzlers), but instead it offers a range of thought provoking challenges."

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Collapsticks Free Collapsticks Free Collapsticks Free Collapsticks Free Collapsticks Free

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