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Sneezies Lite

by Chillingo Ltd
Sneezies is an overload of cuteness!

Grab a cup of tea, sit back in your favorite plush chair, and enjoy the soothing relaxed gameplay featuring fantastic graphics and sweet melodies.

Touch the screen to drop a burst of sneezing powder into the field of floating Sneezies and watch as they sneeze themselves out of their bubbles in a marvelous chain reaction. Try to rescue as many Sneezies as you can in one go.

Sneezies features beautiful graphics, varied backgrounds, hilarious sound effects, and relaxed, soothing background music

Play through 6 relaxing levels of Sneezies in the Classic Mode, or unleash your skills in the 2 Challenge Mode levels.

Post your high scores online for free, right from the game, and see how you stack up against other Sneezies players around the world.

This is a FREE lite version of Sneezies.

Sneezies is developed by Antair Corp and published by Chillingo Ltd

Recent changes:
Sneezies Lite now looks better than ever with retina display support. Download Sneezies or Sneezies HD (for iPad) from the App Store for even more sneezing action. Join us on Facebook at and let us know what you would like to see next from the Sneezies. Or leave us a review here! Your great reviews help other players find our games, and help us bring you more updates. Achoo!

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Sneezies Lite Sneezies Lite Sneezies Lite Sneezies Lite Sneezies Lite

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