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Re-create the Arnets‘ House
In the 17th c. Kėdainiai was a private town owned by the Dukes Radziwills of the Biržai-Dubingiai branch, a protestant island in the catholic GDL. In the town there were six national and confessional communities and...
Chemistry Facts True Or False
Anna Voronova
There is nothing easier to know more about mysterious science – chemistry - than to test your knowledge using our app “Chemistry Facts: True Or False”. Now you have a unique opportunity to train your brain in...
Yuval Hazan
MonsterPet is the App that let you own a monster, not an evil monster but a cute and funny one. as parents you want your little ones to enjoy a fun game without having to worry about any exposes to inappropriate...
Hanyu Lin
Fantastic games to help you practise addition skills. Start with counting and combining two groups of objects then tap the number in 30 seconds. Playing lots of adding games will help you to learn and memorise.
Smart Kids Free
Javier Palmer
This application is purpose-designed to be easy for kids to use. It comprises 6 GAMES to help kids learn while they have fun. The game includes the following languages: English and Spanish. This is an application for...
Khac Viet Nguyen
Zero to Nine Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide How can you survive? In the rage of Number tides… Numbers are rising, like overwhelming flood. Use your tactical math operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication &...
Bean Buddy Dress Up!
4Soils Corporation
Throw open your wardrobe doors and jump into a variety of wild costumes! From dinosaurs to mermaids to astronauts, your imagination is the limit! Start by choosing and naming your bean buddy. Then design a new look,...
Arabic Animal Matching PRO : Learn Arabic word game for Muslim kids
Sivakorn Jitnaree
****ON SALE**** In limit time =================== ****** $2.99 -> $1.99!! ****** =================== You can choose from different themes like Farm animals, Wild animals, Sea Creatures and Lovely Insects. Child...
Paolo Basile
Algame is a fun, relaxing geometric pattern game. You have to drag the triangular tiles over on a grid to create every time one of the proposed geometric patterns. Any tile can be dragged only when situated next to an...
Safe Breaker 2014
Ever wanted to be a safe breaker, sneaking your way into protected vaults and making off with huge piles of loot? Now your dream come true! With our logical game-application «Safe Breaker» which will improve your...
Toy School - Letters (Free Kids Educational Game)
APIX Educational Systems
Learn to write letters, match words with missing first letters, find animals and food that start with different letters and do much more creative tasks with TOY SCHOOL teachers. Time to play and learn the first...
Science True Or False 2014
New Technologies
“Science: True Or False” is a very addictive science quiz game! Playing this game you have really unique opportunity not only to refresh your basic scientific knowledge but also to know a lot of new interesting...
Blind Bumpers
MmpApps Corp.
This is a brain exercise app to work your memory and deduction skills simultaneously. Totally free. No in-app purchases. You are allowed to examine a set of bumpers for a short period of time. Then the bumpers go away...
German Words Hangman
New Technologies
For the most bravest ones only! German Words Hangman is one of the best guessing game ever! Now you will try to survive and guess the word. Let´s test your luck! German Words Hangman is a classic paper and pencil...
Animal Puzzle
Teach your kids about animals world in a very amazing way!!!. Cool features: * Puzzle Jigsaw game * Puzzle Slide game * Many lovely and beautiful stickers to achieve * 5 maps to explores * More than 50 lovely animals...
Animated Puzzle for Kids and Toddlers
Andrzej Bremer
These Animated puzzle for kids & toddlers offers the most beautiful sea animals graphics on the market. Puzzles are illustrated by artists especially for toddlers and children of kindergarten age therefore contains...
2048 5x5 - A Star Puzzle
2048 5x5 Based on 2048 Puzzle, With many size: 5x5, 4x4, 3x3. You must merge 2 tiles to get 8192 tile. You can change size and game type if you don't like it. I think it will very difficult to win for player.
City Chopper World Edition
Gilbert den Hertog
Use your piloting skills and show you know your way around the globe! City Chopper World Edition includes the levels US States, US State Capitals, World Countries and EU cities.
Fiver Word Game
Clay Pot Apps
Simple. Addictive. Simply addictive. Each round of Fiver Word Game presents a simple puzzle: find five, five-letter words that fit the theme of the round. View the in-app dictionary to learn definitions of words....
Appliances - the COFFEE MAKER
Concorde Coding
A line of kid friendly apps designed by two dads for their curious button‑touching kids. Here everyone is encouraged to monkey with the dials and switches of everyday home appliances. Now introducing the coffee...