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Yen Game
Serendipitous Games
This is the Japanese version of the Cashier Game. Some of the screens are in Japanese. Please try the "Cashier Game" instead if you're looking for an English version of this game. Yen Game is an addictive action puzzle...
Princess Phone
This is a great toddlers first phone! Your little princess wants to be just like you! So let her have her own big girl conversations with her very own big girl phone! There's so much to talk about: I love pink. What's...
World Traveller Lite
GameEra Inc.
How do you know your World? How many countries have you been to? 
Have you ever experienced the beauty of the Niagara Falls or The Grand Canyon? Where are the Great Pyramids? How high is the Mount Everest?  ...
Chicktionary Lite
Blockdot, Inc.
Get ready for an egg-citing game. Now with UNLIMITED GAMES to play - this is hardly a lite version. WINNER - BEST WORD GAME APP in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards Show! Chicktionary Lite is one of the most popular word...
Math Mania
How fast does your brain process? Do you think you can handle basic math? Think again. Math Mania will put you to the test by throwing randomized math questions at you one after another. Blaze through enough questions...
My Brain Age
ivMob Inc.
"My Brain Age" helps users find out their brain ages and improve short term memory. Every iPhone user knows about her/his age, but how old is her/his brain? This iPhone application trains users to memorize the music...
Punch Buggy Mobile Lite
Calling all Punch Buggy Fans! Take advantage of this free version of our Punch Buggy scoreboard to track individual games scores for up to three players per game. For tracking the Top 10 player scores, checkout the...
Blockdot, Inc.
WINNER - BEST WORD GAME APP in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards Show! NEW UPDATES MADE! - 2 Modes of Game Play! Timed and Untimed - Don't think that is a real word? Now you can get the definition of a word - Now when you...
BrainGame Summation
Red Glasses
This fun little game will subtly improve your mental arithmetic skills simply by playing it. All you have to do is find numbers that add up to a randomly-chosen TARGET number - but there's a time-limit, bonuses for...
Polvo Innovation Limited
Introduction: Addition is an addictive puzzle game with lots of fun. The goal of the game is to connect numbers within a time limit. Connected numbers with total equals 21 will disappear. Game is over when time is up....
Chinese Sliding Puzzle
Lantean Studio
Ancient Chinese Puzzle Game - HuaRongDao is a kind of sliding block puzzle. It's quite challenging, fun and addictive. It is a game of math, logic and strategy. Objective The objective is to move the biggest square...
Math Zombie - Learn Math is fun
Felipe Oliveira
Are you a Math Zombie? Think fast, challenge yourself and exercise your brain with this game for people of all ages. Improve math skills and increase your memory ability. Tune-up your brain with this fun, engaging game...
Kim's Game
Hatzic Intellectual Software
This memory puzzle game is based on one made famous by Rudyard Kipling's novel "Kim". But even if you're not trying to foil the imperial ambitions of Czarist Russia in Afghanistan, strong powers of memory,...
Splash 'n' Dash Free
Watch the demo video on our website. Exercise and challenge your eyes! Splash 'n' Dash trains your momentary vision and focus abilities in a simple and fun way. Spot the 6-digit number that flashes for only a quarter...
Flag Guess
Derek Ting
Do you know all the countries' flags? Flag Guess is a fun and entertaining trivia game that quizes you on countries' flags. Score as many points as you can by picking the right answer as quickly as possible. A quicker...
Questionary ist ein Frage-Antwort-Spiel für Unterwegs oder zu Hause, alleine oder für die gesellige Runde unter Freunden. Das Programm enthält über 1000 Fragen und Antworten aus allen Lebensbereichen. Anleitung: -...
Mi experto en vocabulario
En tu vida diaria, conocer la palabra exacta puede marcar la diferencia… Mi Experto en Vocabulario es un método divertido y emocionante de mejorar tus habilidades verbales a través de una serie de actividades y...
My Word Coach
In your daily life, knowing the right word often makes all the difference! My Word Coach offers a fun and challenging way to improve verbal skills through a series of engaging activities and exercises.The game was...
Logic Lines
A simple application to train attention and logic.
Kana (Japanese Hiragana & Katakana)
Fun game to learn and speed up your hiragana and katakana reading. Kana is a great game for: - Manga readers - Japanese Students = Tourists heading to Japan - Children and family members of mixed Japanese families....