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The Three Little Pigs Interactive
BK Books Ltd
This series of story book apps is aimed at young , emergent readers. Many children will already be familiar with these classic tales, yet the stories have been rewritten with the modern audience in mind. This colorful...
Brownie Maker - Chocolate Fever! Kids Cooking Game
Maker Labs
It's time for dessert! Cook some sweet and yummy chocolate treats with Brownie Maker, a fun baking game for kids! Create, cook and design your favorite chocolate brownie dessert from scratch as you mix ingredients,...
Where in the USA is Monolisa? Free
Have you ever wanted to travel the USA and see famous monuments and buildings? Do you want to learn about different states, their history and be an super detective? You get do all that and more for FREE in "Where in...
巧虎的生日派对 智慧谷 游戏
wang yue
Luffy love meat
Hung Nguyen
This is a math game with funny Luffy's sounds and icons. Play this game help you trainning your calculate skill and logical thinking. Let play this game and show people how smart you are!
Hidden Objects - Wild Animals
Time Out Apps Inc
Don’t you just love DISCOVERING NEW things?! Don’t you want to be the first to find all the hidden objects? Is searching for items your secret specialty? Or is it another specialty that is waiting to be perfected?!...
Isaac Drachman
The app for language trivia! Try your skill at identifying languages from around world! Identify the language heard in each clip. Use a hint to learn the geographic origin of a language. Guess wisely as you're allowed...
Froggy Pro
NO ADVERTISEMENTS!!! Froggy is for baby, kids and even adults who wants to learn the Alphabet sequence, Number sequence, and different types of shapes such as circle, square, triangle, rhombus, semicircle, rectangle,...
Quiz it all
Paradigm Agnostic
Challenge your family and friends in this exciting and addictive new quiz game for one to eight players (on a single device!). Play in a variety of different modes: - NORMAL: You answer questions against a strict time...
Happy Dog - Train you dog in this dog simulator game - Dog Games
In this game you have to take care of your dog. In the first level she's only a little puppy, so you have to feed her and play with her. But as she's little, you can't teach her that much. In the second level your dog...
Fighting Frenzy - The Super Assault Guardians
Reece Campbell
Play in this amazing fighting frenzy game! Explore this cool and colourful world, filled with crazy creatures... Make sure you avoid all the creatures or you will die!!!
123 Fruits Magical Kingdom - Food Learning Experience Memory Match Flash Cards Game
Funny Newgalaxy
!!! Best Educational Games For All Ages !!!! + Special Learning Bonus Game !!! Join us in the magical kingdom of fruits. Improve the cognitive skills of your kids. Learn all about the fruits in a great way through...
123 Fruits Magical Kingdom - Food Learning Experience Simulator Game
Funny Newgalaxy
!!! Best Educational Games For All Ages !!!! + Special Learning Bonus Game !!! Join us in the magical kingdom of fruits. Improve the cognitive skills of your kids. Learn all about the fruits in a great way through...
Healthy food for Kids
Vojtech Machon
Healthy food for Kids is really funny quiz game for toddlers and kids. Kids could learn what kind of food is healthy and which not. This game is for parents whose children don´t won´t to eat vegetable like broccoli,...
OneOneGames Co., Ltd.
最好最炫的经典游戏扫雷在IOS上华丽登场了! 经典的规则加上创新的互动编辑功能。 三种模式痛快畅玩,“扫”出属于自己的朋友圈!...
Hebrew Quest! Learn spoken Hebrew easily, with a fun and enjoyable game.
Chaim Tscholkowsky
Have you always wanted to learn Hebrew? Now you can with Hebrew Quest — a fun, enjoyable, and easy way to learn spoken Hebrew. Using a dynamic game format, in no time at all you will master 1,000 everyday words of...
A Pretty Brown Princess Puzzle Game
Dara Harper
Choose from several interactive puzzle games featuring pretty brown princesses and their adorable animal friends. Help improve problem solving skills and have fun at the same time! Features: - Age-appropriate story for...
Virtual Pets Care Girls Games
TF Apps
Virtual pet baby is your best friend. You can makeover dress, sleep, feed,bath,doctor and play with him just like a real pet. Download your very own Virtual Pet girls games today and stay waited for our upcoming...
Susana Neves
O recente reconhecimento mundial do Dr. Bright leva o Dr. Cell, enraivecido pela inveja, a procurar vingança. Para isso, prende o Dr. Bright num laboratório, desafiando-o a resolver uma série de problemas como...
Полная Эврика!
Nekhoroshev Ilya
Считаешь себя сообразительным? Легко справляешься с головоломками любой сложности? Проверь себя с новой викториной...