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Ultimate Hold'em Poker

by ChewSoft
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-OpenFeint Enabled-

Ultimate Hold'em Poker is the fastest growing game is Las Vegas today. Not to be confused with other Texas Hold'em games, Ultimate Hold'em Poker is the completely unique casino table version of the game. Playing solely against the dealer, the player must utilize normal Texas Hold'em strategy as well as balance the huge bonus bets available in the game. With multiple bet modes, online high scores, intuitive controls, and spectacular graphics, Ultimate Hold'em Poker is a must have for any poker player.

** Vegas Playing Surface
** Intuitive Controls
** True Ultimate Hold'em gameplay
** Innovative Graphics and Animations
** All New Stats Module. This animated pull out tab features stat tracking for total hands, games played, games folded, games won, best hand, and personal high scores. Just tap the 'Stats' tab on the right side of the screen.
** Social Network Integration for Twitter and Facebook
** Global Community Chat Rooms
** Game Specific Chat Rooms
** Online Leaderboards
** In-Game Alerts
** Achievements and Unlockables
** Custom Player Profiles
** Built-in IM functionality
** Geolocation-based Leaderboards
** Fan Club groups
** Custom Discussions and Forums
** User Bookmarks
** Friends Lists
** Built-in Newletter Subscriptions
** 'Suggest a Feature' functionality
** OpenFeint' Player Points System
** OpenFeint 2.4 Integration
** Much much more....

Ultimate Hold'em Poker is a ChewSoft LLC game.

Recent changes:
*More Bug Fixes. Last minor release before major OpenFeint update.

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Ultimate Hold'em Poker Ultimate Hold'em Poker Ultimate Hold'em Poker

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