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by Terminal Core Games
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Who doesn't love a wall of Dice! SpinDice puts a new spin on puzzle gaming and adds a bit of luck!

The object is to find Sets within the 5x5 wall of Dice. A Set is 3 or more dice that match (such as 4-4-4 or 2-2-2-2-2) or are in sequence (such as 2-3-4 or 6-5-4-3-2). Make a Set by simply sliding your finger along the row or column to highlight the set.

But wait, when the numbers don't add up, how do you make a Set? Spin baby, Spin. Simply Tap a Die to send it spinning around, its pips in a whirl. But don't just Spin one dice; Spin two, Spin three, Spin them all! You'll need to as the levels increase and time starts to dwindle.

You can chain Sets together. Highlight multiple sets back to back to back for bonus time and points. Go for the Hi Score!

SpinDice has two Game Play Modes each with 3 difficulty levels:

- Timed: Race against the clock. Every Set made gives you back time. Soon you will realize you have to spin, spin, spin to create enough sets to keep you going!

- Casual: Sit back. Relax. Take some time to think it over. In this mode, you have a limited number of Spins. Each Set pays off with more Spins.

So, get SpinDice today--it's SpinTastic*!

*Note: SpinDice's SpinTasticness has not been scientifically tested. In fact, SpinTastic is not actually a word. The marketing department made us say it.

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