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War - Best Free Card Game

by Michael Deluca
Are you ready for War? Play the best modern variation in the app store of the popular card game!

Object of the game

• Capture all of the other player's cards.

Setting up the game

• The deck is shuffled and each player receives 26 cards placed face down.

Playing the game

• Each player turns over the top card of their deck and presents it for battle.

• The player that turned over the higher valued card captures their opponent's card and adds both cards face down to the bottom of their deck. Aces are high.

• If both players present cards of equal value, there is a war. They both lay down three cards and the player whose fourth card is highest captures all ten cards.

• If the fourth cards are equal, the process is repeated until someone wins.

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War - Best Free Card Game War - Best Free Card Game War - Best Free Card Game

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