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10,000 Lite (A Game of Farkle)

by Three Jacks Software
Over 3.5 MILLION games of Farkle have been played since we started the online leader boards. Ten Thousand is the best, most configurable Farkle game on the App Store. Find out for yourself why gamers love this game!

Ten Thousand, A Game of Farkle - is a fun and exciting dice game for one to four people. Beautiful graphics created to take advantage of the Retina Display, and elegant game play make this a must have game for your iPod Touch or iPhone. The most recent release also adds multi-player internet play using Apple's GameCenter technology. You can now play with your friends and family anytime, anywhere. Hands down, this is the best Farkle game you'll find on the App Store!

Using six dice, each player takes a turn rolling the dice and must set aside at least one scoring die (1's, 5's, triples, 3 pairs, or a run of 6.) The player's turn continues with the remaining dice, as long as there is a scoring number or combination.

The player's turn ends when they decide to stop and score their accumulated points or until they have a scoreless throw (they Farkle). When all six dice are scored in a turn, the player can roll them all again and continue to accumulate points. Scoring combinations (triples, 3 pairs, or a run of 6.) only count when made with a single throw of all six dice.

The first player to score a total of 10,000 or above wins the game! (As long as players with a turn left don't exceed your score.)

If you like games like Yahtzee(tm) Craps, or any other dice game with a blend of skill and luck, then Ten Thousand (aka Dice, 5000, Farkle, Farkel, Deluxe Farkel, Zonk, Zilch, Wimp Out, Hot Dice, Buzzball, Oh Crap, Greed, Squelch) is the game for you!


Lite version 1.4:
- Minor Bug Fixes to random number generator
- Scoring options from full version are now available in Lite version!

Lite Version 1.1:
- Added In Game help
- Minor bug fixes

Lite Version 1.0:
- Two player game play (Human vs. computer)
- Fun parlor style graphics and sound effects
- Variable AI and game speed
- Turn rolling animations on and off
- Shake to roll dice (optional)
- Show scoring hints (optional)
- Auto select scorable dice (optional)

The Profesisonal version of Ten Thousand includes the following.
- Up to four players
- More Scoring Options (Small Straight, Farkle Penalty, Three Pairs)
- Faster Gameplay (Option to auto select all scorable dice)
- Customizable Player Names
- A huge number of game options and variations – make it your game!
- Minimum start scores of 0, 500, 750 and 1,000
- Play to 3,000, 5,000, 7,500, 10,000
- Play first to the target or let everyone have one last roll
- Change scoring rules to the way you're used to them
- Online Leaderboards in over a dozen statistical categories!
- Plus a lot more!

For more information on the full version, visit the Three Jacks Software web site, or search for Ten Thousand in the AppStore.

Recent changes:
We continue to listen to your feedback, fix bugs and make this the absolutely best Farkle game on the App Store. Changes in this version include: - Added back classic Dice images - Improved random number generation to replace the built in functions - Added option to disable GameCenter functionality - Other minor bug fixes

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10,000 Lite (A Game of Farkle) 10,000 Lite (A Game of Farkle) 10,000 Lite (A Game of Farkle) 10,000 Lite (A Game of Farkle) 10,000 Lite (A Game of Farkle)

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