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Kenny Rogers - Blackjack

by PlayScreen
PlayScreen and The Gambler Mobile ( bring the most popular and anticipated iPhone web-based BlackJack game to the iPhone App Store.

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler Mobile( Blackjack brings the music of "The Gambler" and excitement of BlackJack to the iPhone. Created from scratch to take advantage of the power of the iPhone this game features an intuitive interface, easy to read cards, sound effects, and the music of Kenny Rogers.

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler Blackjack is the classic BlackJack you'll find at Casinos worldwide. You can double-down, get insurance, split … all of the fun and excitement of a blackjack table is here in this fun game. Blackjack gives you a choice of a simple tap interface or you can use a 'swipe' to hit or stand, just like playing at a real Blackjack table. Options include number of decks, payouts, dealer options, etc..

This "second generation" iPhone game is simply the best looking, best playing Blackjack game you'll find ANYWHERE.

Available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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Recent changes:
New music, memory improvements

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Kenny Rogers - Blackjack Kenny Rogers - Blackjack Kenny Rogers - Blackjack Kenny Rogers - Blackjack Kenny Rogers - Blackjack

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