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Jacks or Better Pro

by Spring Chicken Software LLC
Jacks or Better Pro is a Video Poker application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that provides an immersive Video Poker gaming experience as well as a complete statistical analysis tool. With Jacks or Better Pro you learn the best strategy for maximizing payout and minimizing risk.

The underlying, algorithmically based, Jacks or Better Statistical Analysis System was developed to calculate the frequency of the Jacks or Better hand ranks (Royal Flush, Straight Flush...) for all discard combinations of the current hand. Using the calculated hand rank frequency information, generated by the analysis system, the application is able to provide expected long term payout returns and short term bet risk information.

Using Jacks or Better Pro can make you a better player. A better player plays longer. After all, the longer you play, the better the chance to hit that Royal Flush that you have been playing for!

Become a Jacks or Better Pro!

- On the fly poker hand statistical analysis and risk calculations for all possible hand combinations
- Quick Set manual hand layout and calculation feature
- Persistent poker hand rank and winnings history
- Card hold hinting and auto selection options
- Multiple card decks
- Sounds
- Animations
- Portrait and Landscape play

Recent changes:
New Feature for version 1.1! Quick Set - Have you wondered what you should do when you are dealt four cards to a Straight Flush and a High Pair? How about a small Flush but with three or four cards to a Royal Flush? Maybe you already know what to do but you are not sure why? With Quick Set you can now quickly "stack the deck" to deal any card combination you might want to analyze. Just layout that tricky hand and take a look at how the different discard choices affect the expected payout and risk.

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Jacks or Better Pro Jacks or Better Pro Jacks or Better Pro Jacks or Better Pro

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