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China Mahjong

by Yi Shao
China Mahjong ===> China Mahjong 2(Free Update)
Oldest game in the world! Real Mahjong!

Language: English, 简体中文(Simple Chinese) and 繁體中文(Traditional Chinese).

Many historians believe Mahjong was based on a Chinese card game called Mǎdiào (馬吊) in the early Ming dynasty. Today, Mahjong (麻将 麻雀),one of oldest and best ancient games, still is most popular game in East Asian Area . Support English, 简体中文(Simple Chinese) and 繁體中文(Traditional Chinese). China Mahjong(中華麻將,中华麻将) is based on China Mahjong Standard.

Thanks all, thanks for your comments. Next update is developing.


China Mahjong 2已經上線,歡迎繼續提意見,我會持續改進。

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"Nice Mahjong App for iPhone" by Tochie 5star

Finally, Mahjong the way I remember it! Thanks for bringing this wonderful game to the iPhone. Also a minor suggestion, can you make the app display a shorter name on the iPhone so that it does not get truncated with a "China...jhong" name. Probably just "Mahjong" or "CMahjong". Thanks!

--- Yes already change to Mahjong in China mahjong 2---

"Real mahjong!! :-)" by Krista1813 5star

I love this game!! Anyone that enjoys playing mahjong should get this one!!

--- Thanks a lot---

"Yes! My favorite game!" by Tsuimonsta 5 star

Now this game is what I'm talking about! I love this kind of Mah Jong and I don't think I like it any other way! Now if there is Cantonese speaking in the game... That would be pretty cool and awesome!

---But I not know how to speak Cantonese---

"Nice game!!" by Yauhing 4 star

It's a nice game and it may be better if there is a save function

--- Now there is resume function, could resume game from last turn---

"Apple needs to Follow Suit" by Ernoid 4 star I've bought a number of high profile iPhone games, and download a number of free games. Although I am not an expert Mahjong player at all, I really enjoyed playing this game everywhere I go, and is now the only game I play on the iPhone. This game should do well amongst the Asian iPhone/iPod Touch owners. I must say the graphics / design is not good (in fact can say poor), but the game addresses a fundamental demand amongst Asian owners. Apple, although you may not understand the game, there is a reason why this ancient game has done so well over history amongst East Asian cultures. You should applaud this.

I would ask Yi Shao to try and improve the characters / design, background, and tile design for a better player experience and packaging.

--- I am continue working to improve this software. Thank you.---

Recent changes:
1 Fix a typo. 2 Slow a little bit game speed. 3 Allow player listen own music. (In game setting menu, set the music volume to min(0), quit game, start ipod to play your own music, restart game. Then you can listen your own music. )

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China Mahjong China Mahjong China Mahjong China Mahjong China Mahjong

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