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Heads Up: Hold'em (Free Poker)

by Headlight Software, Inc.
Play a quick game of 1-on-1 Texas Hold'em anywhere. Play against a friend, or against your iPhone or iPod touch. Even play wirelessly against a friend on their own device!

Easy and elegant touch controls keep the mechanics of the game simple and beautiful. (It's even won an award, placing in the "Best App Ever" Casino Games.)

✭ For one player, play against a smart AI opponent.
✭ Several AI personalities (with widely different styles and who all play advanced poker strategies) keep it fun and challenging even for expert poker players.
✭ Upgrade, then beat each to earn their card protector to use in the game.

✭ Awesome wireless play. You and a friend, each on your own iPad. Or play on your iPad against an iPhone or iPod touch with "Heads Up: Hold'em" too!
✭ GameCenter online multiplayer lets you play against anyone in the world.
✭ Share one device and use your iPad like a chess board between two people. Heads Up: Hold'em can either just deal the cards (letting you use real world chips) or both deal the cards and let you bet virtual chips onscreen against a friend.

✭ Easy and intuitive touch controls keep the mechanics of the game simple. Spin to set your bet amount, then push the pile of chips into the "bet" circle to place your bet. Or drag your cards to the center to fold. In two player games, simply slide the chip off your cards to peek.
✭ Beautiful photographic images and realistic sounds make it feel right.
✭ AI opponents vary from aggressive to careful, upgrade to play them all.
✭ Upgrade for dozens of awards to earn and use as card protectors in the game.
✭ "Peek Counter" prevents cheating in two player games.

Features In-App Purchase for upgrading right within the app.

Recent changes:
* Bug fixes

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Heads Up: Hold'em (Free Poker) Heads Up: Hold'em (Free Poker) Heads Up: Hold'em (Free Poker) Heads Up: Hold'em (Free Poker) Heads Up: Hold'em (Free Poker)

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