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by John Tesoriero
Exercise the pattern matching ability of your brain! This game is addictive once you get the hang of it.

"Matcher" has a deck of 81 unique cards. Each card has 4 attributes with 3 possible values. A group is 3 cards that have all the *same* values OR all *different* values for each individual attribute.

The attributes:
1. Number - 1, 2, or 3
2. Shading - Solid, Empty, or Hatched
3. Color - Red, Green, or Blue
4. Shape - Square, Circle, or Triangle

For example, the following group has ALL DIFFERENT values for *Number* and *Shading*. It has the SAME values for *Color* and *Shape*.

Valid Group:
3 Solid Red Squares
2 Empty Red Squares
1 Hatched Red Square

A valid group can have any combination of SAME and DIFFERENT matches.

A guide at the bottom of the screen will help you understand why a particular group of 3 cards is or is not a valid group. Once you get 4 green lights, the "Group" button will be enabled. Then, you can remove the cards and the game will draw new ones.

The standard deal to the table is 12 cards, but this may jump to 15 or 18 if there aren't any groups on the table.

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