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Poker Club

by Scenario Software
Let's face it. For all the donkeys in poker, directing a tournament is really more like herding cats.

The Poker Club Tournament Director is the ideal end-to-end solution for running your amateur or professional poker tournaments.

Top 10 Features:

• Dynamic poker timer with alarms
• Fully integrated with your Contacts
• Professional tournament structures
• Customizable rules for your game
• Easily track moves and knockouts
• Keeps tables and seats optimized
• Calculates cash and chip counts
• Mails game results to your players
• Enables tracking of league statistics
• Preserves state between launches

Poker Club's value has been proven in hundreds of poker tournaments. And now it has evolved into a full-featured, native iPhone application that puts the power of a professional Tournament Director right in your hands.

Poker is a game full of distractions, but Poker Club makes it easy to play and direct at the same time, especially if you're the host of your weekly home game.

NOTE: To inspect the current list of tournament structures or to request new ones, please visit:

Recent changes:
• Better compatibility with iPhone OS 2.2. Namely in the Moves screen, where the Table and Seat assignments became invisible until touched. • Several minor bug fixes. • At least one new Event Structure. Feel free to request your favorite by sending me a complete structure sheet. • Expanded support for exporting game info, game results and player info into the worksheets of an Excel spreadsheet. This can be done by copy/pasting the data from the Results email. • New support for exporting the same info into a SQLite database. This can be done by copy/pasting the commands from the Results email and executing them in a Terminal application. I'm working to automate this process in a future version of Poker Club.

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