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Mini Casino - 18 in 1

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Third price in the category "Best Casino Game" of the 2009 Best App Ever Awards!!

Eighteen diferent games to keep you playing for hours, at a sale price!

Included games:

- MiniJackpot:
Enjoy with three different slot machines without risking your money! Three exclusives slots that you won't find anywere else: Four reels bonus, Three reels frenzy and Skill stop.

- MiniPoker:
You can find eleven diferent types of videopoker in the most complete pack on the AppStore: Jacks or better, Deuces Wild, Pick'em Poker, One-eyed Jacks, Anything's wild, Tens or better, Super Aces, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus and Poker Memory, a patented game by

- MiniRoulette:
Mini Roulette is not a conventional game: it's a french and american roulette simulator, with the same kind of bets and odds you can find at a real casino, but without limits. Now you can experience the real excitement of playing the oldest and funniest casino game ever. Faites vos jeux!

- MiniBaccarat:
Yoy can also enjoy the Punto Banco version of Baccarat, the one played by the most wealthy casino players of the world and by James Bond 007 in his movies.

- MiniCraps:
Experience the thrill of the roll with the best craps game in the App Store! Shake your device to throw the dices and see the Snake Eyes looking at you!

Practice your strategies and catch that satisfying adrenaline rush without worrying about the money. Both for hard core gamblers and beginners, Mini Casino has all the details you would expect from a top casino game: bankroll saving, music and sound effects, unlimited odds and tons of fun!

Play some time every day and remember all these hours of "hard training" when you are winning the jackpot on your next trip to Las Vegas!

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