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Imagine Poker 2 - Texas Hold'em

by Candywriter
"Imagine Poker is an enjoyable, whimsical twist on the classic Texas Hold 'em genre. If you're looking for something slightly more entertaining than a straight-up poker game, Imagine Poker is a fantastic choice!" 4.5 out of 5 stars -

Enter a Texas Hold 'em tournament with 25 characters from history whose poker styles mimic their personalities. Real life strategists like Abe Lincoln, Genghis Khan, and Cleopatra partner with legends like the Cheshire Cat, Wicked Witch, and Abominable Snowman to convey the iPhone's smartest poker AI with a touch of humor and imagination.

✓ Abominable Snowman
✓ Abraham Lincoln
✓ Amelia Earhart
✓ Barack Obama
✓ Blackbeard
✓ Cheshire Cat
✓ Cleopatra
✓ Dracula
✓ Genghis Khan
✓ Grim Reaper
✓ Julius Caesar
✓ Little Red Riding Hood
✓ Marie Antoinette
✓ Medusa
✓ Merlin the Magician
✓ Mona Lisa
✓ Napoleon Bonaparte
✓ Ned Kelly
✓ Neptune
✓ Rendlesham the Alien
✓ Robin Hood
✓ Sherlock Holmes
✓ Stalin
✓ Tooth Fairy
✓ Wicked Witch

✓ 25 animated, talking opponents from history
✓ 6 beautiful rounds include Atlantis, Transylvania, and Wonderland
✓ Scroll around the room to study opponents' poker tells
✓ Use finger gestures to adjust your bet
✓ Calculate your mathematical odds at any stage in a hand
✓ Unlock new characters by earning "Imagine Points"
✓ Global high scores
✓ Complete Twitter integration
✓ Play Limit, No Limit, and Pot Limit Texas Hold 'em
✓ Based on the best-selling Mac game

Recent changes:
✓ Start posting your scores to Twitter again! ✓ Several bug fixes

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Imagine Poker 2 - Texas Hold'em Imagine Poker 2 - Texas Hold'em Imagine Poker 2 - Texas Hold'em Imagine Poker 2 - Texas Hold'em Imagine Poker 2 - Texas Hold'em

Rating: 4
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