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Tic A Tac ™ Poker Lite
Treemo Labs
Tired of the same old solitaire or poker games, try a game that is truly innovative, fun and addictive that critics are calling one of the best games on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is the FREE version of the game...
MP Solitaire
MP Solitaire (Multiplayer Solitaire) is Solitaire for one or more people! Play against 1 or 2 computer opponents, against a friend via splitscreen, or by yourself. How can solitaire be multiplayer? You share the common...
Stephen F. Booth
Troika is a game for people who like challenges! The object of the game is to clear the tableau by removing cards in sets of three. Once a set is made it is removed from the tableau and three news cards are dealt in...
Euchre! Lite
Water Closet Games
Euchre! Lite is a free version of Euchre! which contains all of the features of the full version except is limit to only 4 points for either team. Consider Euchre! the ultimate iPhone Euchre game. Whether you are...
I've Never
I've Never...® is an outrageously hilarious party game where teens over the age of 12 can get together with their friends and families and find out funny and shocking secrets that would otherwise never be revealed!...
Omar Sharif Bridge
Chillingo Ltd
Omar Sharif endorsed Bridge is simply the best Bridge product for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Omar Sharif Bridge could be the perfect game. Its ease of play marks it out as a firm favourite for casual gamers,...
Big Deuce
A game of Big Deuce. Also commonly known as Big Two, Deuces, Thirteen, Da Lao Er (大老二), and Dai Di This variation includes the following rules: - Every round starts with the 3 of Diamond. - Three of a kind can be...
3 Card Pro Poker
Avalinx LLC
Finalist in the 2009 Best App Ever awards. Read what others say about 3 Card PRO “If you like poker you’ll love this game, if you love poker you may never put it down.” By AppCraver “Another fantastic casino...
MegaPoker Online - Texas Holdem Poker
Combay Inc.
MegaPoker Online is a MULTIPLAYER ONLINE Texas Hold'em game for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game lets you play live poker with real, living, breathing people across the net via 3G/WiFi/EDGE. It supports sit and go poker...
East Heaven Solitaire
Softick, LTD
East Heaven Solitaire is a Klondike-style solitaire with elements of Spider game, specially optimized for iPhone multitouch screen with a large and eye-friendly card set. Now you can play another this card game at...
Fateful Software
Put your memory to the test with this card matching game. You have 10 retries but be warned, it is quite challenging. You can expect a well-deserved reward for your efforts! Icon by pro_cyp @...
Gladiator Solitaire
Softick, LTD
Gladiator Solitaire is a Klondike-style solitaire, specially optimized for iPhone multitouch screen with a large and eye-friendly card set. Enjoy smooth and intuitive gameplay, focusing on the game and not on the...
Queenie Solitaire
Softick, LTD
Queenie Solitaire is a Klondike-style solitaire with elements of Spider game, specially optimized for iPhone multitouch screen with a large and eye-friendly card set. Since the first Klondike Solitaire release, we...
Original puzzle-style solitaire game where the goal is to obtain as high a score as possible by arranging cards of the same suit in sets of 3 or more. Cards must be carefully placed and arranged in the play area as...
21 Blackjack
Kirk Andrews
This Blackjack application was designed to assist the serious player learn and practice card counting. The animation is kept to a minimum and can be turned off completely to speed game play. FEATURES * Learn to count...
Free Speed (aka Spit)
nBit Inc.
Are you fast enough for Speed? This is the classic addictive card game where speed and reflexes matter most. To defeat your opponent, be the first to get rid of all your cards by connecting cards in your hand with the...
Hypergon Studios
***Now compete with the rest of the world using the new Global High Scores. **** Flush brings you a Texas Holdem style game without the cards. Simple but addictive game play involves counting same colored marbles to...
Kevin Bowes
This is not a Gin Rummy game. Gin Scorecard is a simple application that lets you keep track of your Gin Rummy game scores without paper. Always know who the next dealer is and who is winning.
Mayan Match
Post Imagineering, Inc.
Mayan Match is not your ordinary memory match game, it's a little more challenging with special Mayan themed symbols. There are similar cards to purposely confuse you and might take a couple of times to remember the...
Ah.Moemory 2
Ateam Inc.
Here, after weeks of waiting, we can present you the long awaited second part of Ah..Moemory. New Girls, more cute and charming as ever! In Ah..Moemory 2 we tried for a Japanese flavour and we certainly succeeded. Of...