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Ancient Tarot of Marseilles
Nimble Phonics
From humble origins among playing cards, the Tarot of Marseilles emerged as the first family of decks that were designed for and used in fortune telling. It is the basis from which numerous other divination and playing...
Absolute Shanghai Mahjong
PICK Technology Limited
The traditional Shanghai Mahjong is back! You wanna be the top scorer in your iPhone? How about the in WORLD? Absolute Shanghai Mahjong brings the best in you by beating the top rankers in both SCORE and SPEED – the...
Philipp Oberforcher
Jasscounter ist für alle Fans des Kartenspiels Jassen gedacht. Es soll Block und Beilstift ersetzen und das Mitschreiben der Punkte erleichtern. Das Programm ist für einen klassischen "Vierersteigerer" ausgelegt,...
Dou Di Zhu - 斗地主
38 Softworks Inc.
Dou Di Zhu (斗地主, literally 'Fight The Landlord'), is one of the most popular card games in China. It is played by three players, using one deck of card, including two Jokers. At the beginning of a round, each...
Sexy Poker 2009
Want to play poker in good company? Choose the first and unique sexy poker game on iPhone! Challenge and undress 6 incredibly alluring women, "all drawn exceptionally well by talented artists" (IGN.com), inspired by...
Thirty One
Luke Campbell
Get one of Wired.com reader's favorite apps of 2009, it's the most exciting, addicting and fun card game on the app store! Play against two computer controlled opponents in a battle to get closest to 31. Thirty One...
Notice : Not Support iOS4 Doggie is a card game finding out the match of same cards. . There are pictures of cute doggies on the cards that you turned over. Not to be fascinated by doggies, continue to find the other...
Yukon Solitaire
Softick, LTD
If you've ever played the games on PC, most likely your first and favorite was Solitaire, the Number One among all the computer games and the best-known game in the world. As the basis Wes Cherry, the creator of this...
Free Cell Solitaire
TK Software
This advertisement sponsored application includes many mainstream games of solitaire. You can play as long as you are online to receive ads. You can buy game packages through in app sales to remove advertisements or to...
Mahjong Mobile
This is a Mahjong game of the Japanese style rule. The Slider that exists under the screen is moved, and the tile is selected. And, the Slider is done in the tap and the tile is discard. Mahjong is the game to finish...
Card Match Lite
Leung's Work
Card Match Lite, the new exciting game from Leungs Work! Work your way through the ever increasingly challenging 15 levels of this carefully designed, fun game. Starting at an easy pace, you have to remember the...
APRIL Data Designs, inc.
Old? Maid! LITE Version Anyone will enjoy classic card game "Old Maid" with having played with three maids once. ■How to play You let maids sit in the favorite seat. When a post is decided, a card is distributed....
Card Match
Leung's Work
Card Match, the new exciting game from Leungs Work! Work your way through the ever increasingly challenging 75 levels of this carefully designed, fun game. Starting at an easy pace, you have to remember the position of...
Free Solitaire 3D
The highly popular and multi-award winning desktop computer game, Free Solitaire 3D, is finally available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Enjoy 4 completely free solitaire games, multiple card decks (including the...
ASD Roulette 2
ASD Soft
New Roulette! More than 1.000.000 users!!! Roulette - the most common game in casino. It is the excitement dynamic of games as well as the fantastic prizes, which make it popular worldwide. Many believe in various...
Poker Pro Guide
PTAJ Marketing Inc.
*Sale* Want to dominate at the poker table, bluffing, cashing in other peoples chips, and laughing all the way to the bank? We can help. Dominate poker by learning about: Live Poker Online Poker Party Poker Rules and...
Solitaire Fun
Leung's Work
Welcome to Solitaire Fun, a new concept in your favourite game of Solitaire! This cleverly designed new game, which is designed for your iPhone or iPod Touch, has an innovative new method for Game Control that allows...
SPORTS mania
Challenge the sportsman inside yourself! SPORTS mania is the new and exciting game that allows you to challenge yourself and your memory in a number of levels, each one dedicated to a different sport, with the goal of...
Card Tower: The House of Cards
Karma World LLC
Brand new version of the original (over 1 000 000 downloads) virtual multi touch House of Cards game! New graphics for iPhone 4 retina display, universal HD version for iPad, 3D environment, real physics, in game...
Hearts Solo
Allen Brunson
The classic card game Hearts. You play solo against three "robot" players. Most card movements are animated. Hearts rules enforced are exhaustive and complete. Scores are displayed hand-by-hand, showing progress over...