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Power up the CPU player (on single player mode)! Enjoy battling with the CPU player on the “HOT” upgraded reversi. Choose from three levels of strength. This will give you a wider variety of playing options by choosing the challenge level of the CPU player.

The launch of Apple's new iPad has also brought about it the reincarnation of classic games!
HOT REVERSI HD is one of these.

This well known favourite has literally been given a makeover on the iPad.
With exciting new features such as lightning strikes that highlight your moves, as well as other impressive graphics, HOT REVERSI HD brings a new level of excitement to game players.

The game has also enabled engaging 2 player battles, with a high intensity, emphasised by its awesome graphic as well as interactive game play.

The RED HOT SWITCH feature, for example, is a great way to disrupt your opponent during the game, to "shake things up" completely blasting apart their pieces.
The game can be even more unpredictable depending on the level of intensity whilst pushing the buttons, and trying to throw your opponent off.

Future collaboration with Twitter is also being planned. So the winner can let the world know who is the ultimate HOT REVERSI player. Do you have what it takes to be the next champion?

Whether it be at a picnic, a party or even just for something to do on a rainy Sunday, HOT REVERSI HD will provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends.

* 3D reversi game developed to take full advantage of iPad
* 2 player games or 1 player versus the computer
* Unleash exhilarating lightning and flames to each player
* Select flames and lightning for players
* Blow up lightning or flames with the touch of a piece
* Select 4 different viewpoints in 3D
* Use the iPad's tilt sensors to change the viewpoint of the board
* Natural background music
* A RED HOT SWITCH on each corner of the players side to disturb their opponent's concentration.
* The board shakes when the RED HOT SWITCH is pressed
* Alternately, a quiet and classical game of reversi game with a choice
* Games can be paused and resumed at a later time
* Select from two colours on the board (Green or blue)
* Restart the game anytime
* Twitter integration is on the way

Where can you play HOT REVERSI HD?
* On a lazy afternoon
* For leisure
* Having drinks with friends
* While travelling
* To kill spare time
* Legal alternative to duelling to the death

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nenet Tech Dinner blog (Japanese)

Recent changes:
Improvement and modification on the ver1.3 upgrade. ・ AI is newly updated,which must be an appropriate exercise for playing a game with your opponents. ・ We've got virtually great comments about flash lightning! "Compared to Fire, Thunder lightning is weak...I want more!" So we strengthened thunder and lightning. Enjoy hotter and more exiting game! ・ BGM is also renewed. You will have intense fire and lightning in wild mood, ・ Validation in iOS 4.3.2

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