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Marc Guell Segarra
El joc de la botifarra per iPhone, iPad i iPod Touch. · El primer joc multijugador de la botifarra per a iOS! · Juga contra la màquina i entrena des de qualsevol lloc · Gratuït. Gratis. De franc. · Invita als...
Domowicz Creative Group, LLC
Achoir is an implementation of the Sid Sackson masterpiece board game, Acquire. Achoir is a stock market simulation in which players found new corporations, grow and buy stock in existing corporations, and compete to...
A 2014 World Soccer Trivia & Football Quiz PRO: Bet A Buddy 4 Real Money - Win the Cup!
Simon Crack
How much do you REALLY know about Soccer? Test your knowledge against nearly 2,000 questions on all aspects of Soccer. Play for fun - or for REAL money against your friends in a quick rapid fire competition. Place a...
Dan Derebenskiy
Designed for those who want to pick up and play a mentally stimulating game with an easy learning curve, Hexxy is a simple and fun hexagon-based board game that is perfect for both casual and competitive gamers. If...
Dots Fusion
Dots Fusion is a game where you connect the same color dots to achieve the targets proposed in the upper side of the screen. The dot you tap will assimilate the neighbor dots and its weight will increase. The targets...
A Little Monster Flow Line Match Free Puzzle Games
Game Nation LLC
Play Monster Flow Match Today for FREE!! Connect the monster characters color to create a line flow match. Arrange all colors and cover the entire board to solve the puzzle. Be careful not to cross the monsters colors...
A Farm Fruit Match Smash Pro
Q2 Mobile Apps LLC
Here is a super engaging farm challenge! Match farm fruit for points! This game gets more challenging as you go!
A Farm Match Mania: Top Notch Match Game! Blitz to Pop the Fruit Puzzle!
Jackapps, LLC
Delicious fruit found on the Farm. Do your best to help cull the crops by swiping matching fruit to clear the board for BIG points! The most addictive match mania game in the app store! With colorful visuals and fun...
En popüler kart oyunlarından Batak, yenilenen grafikleri , geliştirilmiş yapay zekası, ihalesiz( koz maça ), ihaleli ve eşli oyun seçenekleri ile App Store'da! Bu oyun online degildir. Gelişmiş yapay zekaya...
Nguyen Thinh
Berry 5000 5000 points in a 3-match game – the challenge seems to be so easy in Berry 5000? Are you sure to achieve this rightly? Dare you want to try and compete with your friends via Facebook leaderboard? Berry...
Don't touch white tiles - Red tile Edition speed and accuracy
Coffee House Apps, LLC
If you thought flappy bird was addictive, just wait until you try THIS game! An addicting game that will test your reflexes. Test your speed, accuracy, timing, and movement with this fun and simple game. Tap to start,...
Blue Rainbow Rock Tiles - Piano Edition
Jacob Gouwens
Ready for a new colored addictive tile app? Well here is one for you! Test your reflexes and make them a lot faster! Increase your agility, stamina, and speed! If you have suggestions for the app, please message me on...
2048 alphabet puzzle spelling game
michael thomas
A twist on the original 2048 game working through the alphabet instead. Three different types of game play with options for a 3x3, a 4x4, or a 5x5 grid. Very addictive gameplay just like the original. Maybe working...
A Addict Craps Roulette Casino
Fritz Charles
Experience the fun and excitement of Casino Roulette from your phone! This game is challenging and can be played for hours and hours. The excitement of Vegas without traveling! Big wins! Many ways to get cash!
Chinese Chess.
Chinese Chess is one of the famous board games that exist. This is a good game which helps develop of thinking ability by using strategy and tactic in the game. King Of Chinese Chess is one of the best games among all...
2048 Candy Gems - Unique Match-3 Logic Puzzle
The ultimate mix between the popular 2048 and match-3 game styles! Swipe the candy gems across the board, to line them up and remove them! Each of the levels offers a new interesting challenge! For any feedback, please...
Candy Plus
Candy plus is a very sweet game. And pretty candy will not be crushed here. Play game by touching to the left or the right on board to move candy, when you gather all candy into a mass then you win the game. But it's...
Touch to 999
Ali Oezdin
A game where you touch numbers quickly to score !
Neon Doodle Light Bulb Blast Pro
Undone Panda
Are you fast enough to smash all these neon light bulbs? It's time to test your reflexes. Tap as many light bulbs as you can before they glow too bright and explode. Can you beat the pressure of the countdown timer?...
Flappy Turtle!!
Masafumi Abe
Turtle flied・・・・!? Tap on your device to make the turtle fly. Avoid coming earthen pipes and get the high score!