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Udi Eylat
An original new puzzle board game. Just 240 correct moves to solve! Slide the orange square around the board to visit cell. Every visited cell will be blocked after sliding to the next cell. The board is solved once...
Mega Fruit Slots Machine
Chatchai Nilahoot
Mega Fruit Slots Machine : Slot Machine Casino lets you spin the reels on your very own set of virtual casino slot machines to win coins and hit hot jackpots! Keep that coins pile growing by hitting our hot jackpots,...
4 Dots - Connect With Friends
Stephen Kirkland
4 Dots is a competitive, turn based board game where two players switch off dropping pieces onto a board. If any player gets four pieces in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally, that player wins! Double trap,...
Strategy & Tactics: Sandbox World War II History TBS
HeroCraft Ltd.
***NOTE: Compatible with iPhone 4s and up, iPad 2 and up - may not work properly on earlier devices.*** "WW2: Sandbox. Strategy & Tactics may be just the thing for you; especially if you are a fan of Hearts of Iron or...
Cupcake Connect Free
Adam Xiao
Cupcake Connect Free is a simple yet very addictive game. Your target is link all cupcakes together via three type lines: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Gear up for this addictive and challenging game and you won't...
Call of Totem
Mohan Rathore
Call of totems is a brain excercise game created by sarvsammat. Itís addicting, a pleasure to play, and will earn a permanent spot in your device. Game Play: The objective of game is to arrange 2 or more totems in a...
Amazing Solitaire ++
regis Imada
This game is the classic Solitaire game! This is one of the best solitaire games! It's fun and addicting and just easy to play but challenging to complete this game is fun for all ages! Get it now for free! Features: -...
Sudoku Easy
Viue Studio
Very easy sudoku puzzles for kids or beginners. Sudoku is game with goal of placing numbers 1 to 9 on missing spots in 9×9 fields grid. Each row, column and each of nine 3×3 subgrids should contain all numbers from 1...
Jelly Belly Flavors & Names Game
Grace Montoya
Do you know your Jelly Bean Flavors? Based on the game '4 Pics 1 Word', each puzzle contains four pictures that have a REAL Jelly Belly name in common - can you get them all? If you get stuck you can reveal letters,...
Candy Fruit Frenzy
IAW Pte.Ltd.
Looking for delicious candy and fresh fruits? Why not take a dive into CANDY FRUIT FRENZY… a match 3 shooting game adventure. Candy Fruit Frenzy is fun-filled with endless hours of addictive fun with beautifully...
Magic Roulette - Free Las Vegas Roulette Casino Mobile Game
Kittipol Chaiwattanapong
Come on in to the best roulette casino game, spin the wheel at a turn-based table. Magic Roulette provides hours of fun. In the game, players may choose to place bets on either a single number or a range of numbers,...
Ice Crush
Ice Crush, a hyper-addictive cool match-3 icy puzzle from Ezjoy, brings tons of fresh challenges! Switch and match Ice Crystals in this cool dreamworld! Adopt and raise snowman to stop elf from freezing the precious...
Logic Labs
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タップスパイク2 for ハイキュー!!
matsumoto takumi
あのゲームに待望の続編が登場!? 敵からのスパイクをどんどん拾おう! 味方につないで勝利をつかみ取ろう!...
Spider Solitaire HD©
Yue Ying YANG
Classic Spider Solitaire now brought iphone/ipad Are you lucky today? Just test it right now. *Too hard to play? Try the easy difficulty and use the Hint button any time. *Right handed? No problem, Let’s active the...
Solitaire Special HD®
Xiao Yan WEI
The Solitaire game is now available on the iPad and Iphone. With the exquisite touch screen on the iPad, you can now literally touch your cards and move them as you play the game. When you successfully moved the card...
Zoo Row
Paul Sagor
Zoo Row is a cute four in a row style game for the whole family. Gorgeous little animals, realistic sounds and toe-tapping music make this a fun game for 1 to 4 players. Zoo Row is a must have game for parents, as you...
Math Learning Kids For Dora The Explorer Version
Sawitree Sriwikun
Math Learning Kids For Dora The Explorer Version This easy addition math game For Dora The Explorer Version is perfect for kids in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade at school. Help improve your addition skills by answering a...
あなたのせいでゾンビが増える。 ゾンビになった主人公が 友人を食べてしまった事から始まる 日本、そして世界を変えていく本格ストーリーの...
3D Chess Game
A Trillion Games Ltd
Play chess in 3D! Human vs AI, AI vs AI, Human vs Human. - Powerful Chess engine that can also simulate absolute beginner opponents - It feels like playing on a real chessboard! Realistic 3D models, animations and...