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Reversi Plus
ma ming ge
Reversi (marketed by Pressman under the trade name Othello) is an abstract strategy board game which involves play by two parties on an eight-by-eight square grid with pieces that have two distinct sides. Pieces...
Foco Point
Temporarily on sale for 6 weeks. Now only 0.99. The board is set. The balls are rolling. You are in control! Test your multitasking skills in this fun game with 30 boards. The goal is to complete all the wheels by...
SmartGo Pro
Smart Go, Inc.
Enjoy Go on the go! Carry thousands of Go problems and professional Go games in your pocket, and take advantage of your spare minutes or hours to study Go. With more than 22,000 professional games and 2,000 problems,...
Fifteen Puzzle
Fifteen is a classic sliding puzzle. To solve the puzzle, arrange shuffled tiles in the correct order from 1 up to 15. Features: - random shuffling mode and 11 additional modes - timer - sound effects - high score...
Truth or Dare
3 Wise Guy Productions
Truth or Dare is the hottest new game from 3 Wise Guy Productions. This party game is a fun way to break the ice or a great way to entertain friends and family. Take a chance by spinning the spinner. If it lands on...
Cifri Software
Consumed is an Ataxx style strategy board game where you try to dominate the board by replacing your opponents pieces with your own. It takes only minutes to learn how to play but hours to master. Each player starts...
Mobile Lines
Konstantin Anoshkin
Classic Lines for the true fan of the original game. Endlessly addictive logical game, the perfect time killer for kids of all ages. With bright colors, cool animations, lots of options this is the most feature-rich...
Michael Litman Experience
Questions, Bug Reports, or Feature Requests email: support@litmanxp.com Visit: http://www.litmanxp.com to sign-up for our email list for existing product updates, new product announcements, and bug and feature updates....
Chess Game
Memention AB
"How about a nice game of chess?" -- Joshua, in WarGames Current version has these features: - 5 Levels - Undo/Redo - Move history - Load/Save games - Play by email - Play One on One - Swap side - Show valid moves when...
RoGame Software
AbaCruX is a luxurious implementation of the well-known game peg solitaire. The game features great graphics, full animation, sound effects and a great interface. Additionally AbaCruX keeps score in the form of five...
Five Or More
Shooby Ban
Five or More is an addictive game, helps you to spend as much time as you can, also good for training concentration or pointing accuracy. The game's objective is to align five or more balls of the same color causing...
Third Cog Software
Overload is an abstract turn-based one- or two-player strategy game for the iPhone and iPod Touch; you can play against either a friend on the same iPhone, or alone against the iPhone's AI. The goal of the game is to...
Hex Lines
Objectorium, Inc
Hex is yet another way to play the second most famous Russian game after Tetris - Lines, this time on hexagonal board. If you are not quite sure what Lines is, wikipedia is your friend, but essentially colored balls...
Noughts And Crosses
Hurryforward Ltd
Noughts and Crosses is a simple 2 player game also known as tic-tac-toe or 3 In a Row. Each players use their fingers to draw an X or O. Rules: Each player takes it in turn marking the spaces on the grid with an X or O...
Hanoi Plus
NimbleBit LLC
A NimbleBit production! Hanoi Plus adds to the classic logic puzzle game with: - New backgrounds - Time tracking - Record times for each level - The ability to reset the board by shaking the device - The option to...
Mahjong Palace
Glenn Seemann
Mahjong Palace is a full featured mahjong game. It includes 30 layouts. Four styles of tile graphics are available, including mahjong, Halloween, country flag, and alphabet tiles. Background options are also available,...
Tic Tac Toe
OutOfTheBit Ltd
You want an easy-to-use, intuitive and fun game to play whenever you want and wherever you are? You must have this! Challenge a friend or play against the CPU (great Artificial Intelligence, by the way…) and no...
Brian Wurster
This modern version of the classic Chinese puzzle game will challenge your mind as you attempt to arrange the seven shapes called "tans" into a variety of forms. The puzzles themselves often represent animals and...
Tic Tac Toe Classic
Lima Sky
With its classic, hand-drawn look, this version of Tic Tac Toe will bring you back to the days before the iPhone was in your pocket or purse. Play against a friend or your iPhone/ iPod Touch and try to win. This is the...
Sudoku Loaded Free
Timothy Braun
Sudoku... Your way! Sudoku Loaded was written from the ground up to provide you with the best experience in Sudoku. It has many features you would only find in a desktop application. This is a free version so you can...