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Jewels Blast Deluxe
sun gong
Jewels Blast Deluxe is a very addictive casual and puzzle and fun matching game. It is different from other matching games like jewel star and fruit splash or jewel legend, you need to save the elves will not be eaten...
` All Best Bingo Pop ` - play fun lucky bingo and casino games free 2015
Maria Helen Alimaren
****** Free Jackpot Bingo Game! ***** ****** Action-packed bingo fun ****** Rack up big wins of Las Vegas in this brand new and exciting bingo game! Get ready for an amazing hands-on experience, bringing the excitement...
An After light of Weather Blaze Blast - Swipe and match emotion of clouds to win the puzzle games free
Weerapong Ladsena
An Insanely fun puzzle game ever! Enjoy with the new gameplay! This is a brand new puzzle game for your mobile devices. Have fun with over 85 levels and more to come. Even it’s a simple gameplay but it’s quite hard...
Fortune Bingo Wheels Pro
Academ Media
FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! Fortune Bingo Wheels is a new classic lotto app for all fans of virtual gambling, cards games and lottery. Pay attention to the exclusive design with amazing colorful fortune wheels. Fortune...
Joiny Diamond Flow Puzzle Game
Mahabur Rahpman
Fully addictive flow free game. User can try iq test by finishing every level of this game , user can check how fast he can think or he can play with his mind. playful addictive design .. Features : - many level -...
Feng Sun
Do you need to kill some time? Or do you look for a fun game to have a blast with? Catch The Frog will leave no room for boredom! In this free online game you accompany the frog through 36 mini games full of fun and...
Throw A Paper
Feng Sun
It's one of these days at the office, right? Maybe there is so much work to do that even starting to do it is not worth the bother - or there is literally nothing to do for you and you struggle not to fall asleep. But...
Crime Case Mystery - Hidden Objects - PRO
Fireboy Softwares
Step in the Coat of Sheriff and Solve a Great Crime Mystery in this great new Free game "Crime Case Mystery - Hidden Objects" . Find out Hidden clues from scene and catch the murderer before he runs out of our hand....
Node Connect 2
Robert Alvarez
The goal of this puzzle game is to move each node until the number of connections to other nodes matches the number on the node. Tap a node to select it and then tap another grid square to move the node. --100 levels...
Best valentine flow: challenging addictive puzzle game. Think and connect your lovely heart
Ashfak Ahmed
Happy Valentines Day!!! "Experience the mind-twisting addictiveness of this ingenious puzzle game. Connect matching hearts to create a flow. Pair all hearts, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. But watch...
Koji Murakami
ルールはとても簡単。「相手の駒を挟む。そして王を敵陣に入れる」 しかしシンプルなだけにやればやるほど奥が深く、非常に頭を使います。...
Big Shot Bingo
Big Shot Bingo: You‘ve never seen Bingo like this! Its Bingo Time! Looking for a new twist on classic bingo fun? Look no further! Over 15 different game types/bingo patterns, multiple game rooms, Golden ticket...
Magic Wanda - Be precise and create potions with the help of your magical fairies!
Josep Gonzalez Fernandez
*** Magic Wanda is now available for Apple Watch! *** In Magic Wanda the objective is simple, but difficult to master. You have to put your wand in the position of the bar according to the amount of mana you need to...
Spot The Shade ~ Tap The Tile Of A Different Color
Indygo Media
Spot The Shade is a super fun game which really challenges your color vision!!! Play the most addictive game Spot The Shade to test your eye-sight! Simply tap to spot the shade on each time, as it progresses to the...
Cube Crux
The object of this game is to flip the blocks around the board until it puts on the glow place. The grids also contain many different traps, so don't let your blocks fall off the edges of the grid. There are 40 levels...
Yummy Honey Craze - Sweet and Delicious Mega Puzzle Boom Blitz
Lachlan Cox-Tuck
An exciting puzzle adventure awaits for you in the land of Yummy Honey. Play through dozens of challenging levels and discover many different types of delicious candy along the way. If you are bored of playing the same...
Light Tap Advanced - Challenge Your Brain
Benjamin Hahn
Light Tap Advanced is a simple game of memory and recall. Remember the sequence of tones and lights and repeat it. Improve your short-term memory in three different game modes. Depending on the chosen difficulty, ONE,...
Picross - Pic-A-Pix
Hassan Goldani Moghaddam
Very popular game Beautiful design More than 100 puzzles in 3 levels (5 × 5, 10 × 10, 15 × 15)
Christian Lauritzen
It's Circle against Triangle! Each player takes turn placing their figure. The goal is to get 3 in a row! FEATURES: - Circle. - Triangle. - Cool sounds. - Get 3 in a row. No ads! This app is fully optimized for iOS 8...
Cookie Crunch Crumbles Fun Skill Matching Games Free
Candy Games
That’s the way the cookie crumbles, Crumble as much cookies as you can with the least amount of taps. Play the Challenging but Sweet Cookie Puzzle, Solve dozens of Complicated Puzzles. Have endless hours of fun with...