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Engio War

by Prixeon
Get ready for the fastest, most action packed, arcade shooter on the iPhone/iPod Touch!

Engio War puts you in control of your own Arc or Advanced Recon Craft, capable of spewing out dark matter to destroy your enemies. As the last remaining Arc, an endless onslaught of enemy ships will come and try to take you out. Survive for as long as possible and go down with a fight!

Engio War features advanced swarming AI to give you a run for your life as your enemies will work together to take you out. The specially designed physics engine also allows for must see gravity and particle effects. Earn more lives the more kills you get!

Are you ready for the Engio War?

- Advanced AI
- High Performance Particle System
- Extensible Physics Engine
- Tilt Controls
- Infinite Levels
- Distinct Enemy Types
- Dark Matter Cannon

- Tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch to shoot in that direction as well as move in that same direction. The key is to use a gentle tilt and drift your ship.
- The accelerometer will be calibrated when you tap "Start Game", make sure you hold it at a comfortable neutral position.
- Touch anywhere on the screen to activate the brakes.

Please make sure you have the most up to date firmware on your iPhone/iPod Touch. For best results, please reboot (turn off then turn on) your iPhone/iPod Touch before joining the Engio War.

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Recent changes:
- Added way to earn more lives. When the center green bar at the top fills completely, you will earn a bonus life.

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Engio War Engio War Engio War Engio War

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