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Star Diamonds Paradise

by Star Arcade Oy
Star Diamonds Paradise

Play Star Diamonds Paradise against your friends and new people you will meet in Star Arcade Community.

Star Diamonds Paradise is the relaxing sweep-all-you-can sister of Star Diamonds Capture. The game strategy is basically the same, capture a large enough area to win, but the arrangement of the gems is now in a honeycomb formation making it possible to create inventive combos. We’ve also added some special items, which help you capture more area.

In Star Diamonds Paradise your objective is to collect diamonds by sweeping a chain of diamonds and capture area for yourself. Your captured area is shown in blue color and your opponents area by red.

Features: Smooth gameplay, Ranking System, Stats, Invite Buddies, Challenge and much more!


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Star Diamonds Paradise Star Diamonds Paradise Star Diamonds Paradise Star Diamonds Paradise Star Diamonds Paradise

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