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SolarQuest Lite

by Neon Surge
Explore, duck and dodge your way to escape the planet's gravitational pull!

You are tasked with piloting a ship through a series of 3D celestial challenges. You have an afterburner providing forward thrust and lift jets to keep you afloat.

This is a single level demo of our game SolarQuest available on the AppStore for only $2.99! Our full version has 11 beautiful levels of gameplay, 4 obstacles, 3 pickups, a feature you can unlock called "flip mode" if you beat the game and finally internet score ranking.

We want you, our customers, to enjoy our game. Please try this free version of our game first, and if you don't love it, that's fine, thank you for trying. If you do love it as much as we do, please buy the full version and support independent developers like us! It's cheap, it's less than a tank of gas! And you're helping fuel us to make more games, and update this game even further!

The game is played in landscape mode with the with the accelerometer and one button or with two buttons.

Recent changes:
- Made demo have 4 levels. :) - Added country internet high scores (from the FULL version) - Added "other titles" to see other software we authored

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SolarQuest Lite SolarQuest Lite SolarQuest Lite SolarQuest Lite SolarQuest Lite

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