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by Flashbang Studios
0110 out of 0110 robots agree that !Rebolt! is the most destructive robot combat game available for iPhone and iPod touch!

Assume command of your own custom robot and investigate the source of a distress signal on a strange planet: Earth! Watch out for other robots scavenging the surface of the planet as you search for important artifacts and blast your way to victory in this action-packed 3D game.

- Customize your robot to suit your play style!
- Choose from 5 different weapons!
- Randomly generated levels ensures you never play the same game twice!
- Hidden bonus missions add special objectives!
- Unlock story discs to uncover the fate of human civlization!
- Compete for high scores online!
- Earn achievements for completing special tasks!
- Optional free Blurst membership lets you track your stats!

Please make sure to reset your iPhone or iPod touch after installing !Rebolt! in order to ensure proper functionality.

Recent changes:
New Features in This version: - New control scheme! Use the virtual analog stick to move your robot with ease! No more wonky accelerometer controls! - Score readouts moved to the top of the screen, so your fingers won't cover them. - You can now select "No" when a mission ends to return to the menu. - Added your overall leaderboard rank to the score summary at the end of a mission. - Increased performance for a more constant framerate. - Added a description of how to unlock data in the Story menu

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!Rebolt! !Rebolt! !Rebolt! !Rebolt! !Rebolt!

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