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Space Out

by Binary Square, Inc.
Space Out is a tribute to old school arcade games; it truly delivers that early arcade feel. It combines 2 classic game concepts, shooting invaders and brick breaking, into a unique and exciting retro experience. It's a blast back to the late '70s. Complete with all new 8-bit sound effects created with a MOS 6581 SID chip from the Commodore 64 and speech generated with 8kHz 8-bit allophones. Hope you like it. Have fun and good luck!

"Gamers ... will likely find Space Invaders to be overly simplistic and outdone by most of its clones in the App Store such as Space Out." -

"I took a look at about 40 [games], I decided which ones lived up to the hype and which ones didn’t. One of my favorites was the game called Space Out." - Jamin Brophy-Warren, Wall Street Journal Online

New in version 2.0
- Improved play control
- iPad support - Universal app
- Game Center Leaderboards
- iOS fast app switching
- Updated graphics, menus, and more

Recent changes:
- Fixed upgrade issue

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Space Out Space Out Space Out Space Out Space Out

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