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Car Mania

by Origin8
Oh !*#&! It’s rush hour and tempers are flaring as the city heads towards gridlock.

Take control of the traffic with a touch in Car Mania, a game that’s jammed full of finger-twisting casual action.

Steer the drivers to their destinations while avoiding road rage - or set up a spate of ‘accidents’ that’ll be sure to clear the streets!

• Intuitive controls – draw each vehicles path with your finger; tap to stop and go.

• Keep commuters moving and in one piece – delays and crashes cause the road rage meter to rise!

• Juggle a variety of cars, trucks and motorbikes, each with different speeds and capabilities.

• Watch out for road works or you’ll get in a jam!

• Play across gorgeous maps with distinct layouts and unique challenges.

• Go for the top score in a fast and furious round of Time Attack, or play Survival mode and see how long you can keep the city moving.

• Want to let off some steam? Try Road Rage mode where pile ups mean points. Happy wrecking!

• With online high scores and unlockable achievements using OpenFeint, there’s always an excuse for just one more go.

• Ipod Music Library access (for OS3.0+ users only)

Car Mania: addictive pick-up-and-play action that’s sure to drive you round the bend!


"AWESOME FUN ... This is a pick up and play that you won’t be able to put down. I liked it, then I liked it even more! The game starts fantastic and gets better the more you play it!"

"...the train level is ridiculously awesome, and worth the 99 cent price tag alone."

Recent changes:
- iOS4 Compatibility

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