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Paul Demers
Venture forth into an underwater adventure with ShellSmash. Match shells to collect golden coins and progress to the next level.
Jungle Aliens
Aliens have infiltrated earth and they have to reach their ultimate target by intercepting earths jungles, can you help them reach their goal.... Disclaimer: Some of the artwork in this application are not owned by me...
20s Tap
chee kang bao
[How to Play] - Just Tap Within 20 Second.
Touch Diver Goalie
David Reddick
All eyes are on you ! You are the Goalkeeper in this sports Soccer / Football Sim so be sure your up to the task of defending the goal against the onslaught attack from the kicker ! Simple,fun, challenging and...
F18 Fighter Jet Simulator PRO - Full Combat Mission Emergency Landing Version
Top Free Games Factory
** ALL JETS UNLOCKED TODAY! ** ** 100% FREE TO PLAY! ** Ever dream of flying and landing an F22 or F18 fighter jet? Now is your chance! In this thrilling new simulator game, you get to be a pilot and fly one of three...
Urban Runner
Hopy Games
Endless free runner game where you can collect some coins and pickups on the way, avoid from obstacles on the game and purchase diamonds to continue from middle of the game. There are some power ups where you can...
Cannon Ball Lunch PRO - Pirates’ Skeetball Fun Game
Joseph Bellavia
Cannon Ball Lunch is the fun and addictive game. Even pirates love to have fun every now and again. The pirates’ version of skeetball has the starboard side plank. But hurling the mighty cannon ball is a task in...
Cute Penguin Journey Saga - Fish Catching Mission
This adorable little penguin is hungry and needs your help. With easy finger action, guide your penguin through the icy, polar caps in search of fish. The more fish you collect, the more points you score. With...
Amazing TrickOrTreat Slots
Suparat Khotprathum
This is an easy to understand slot machine,interesting to play. Spinning the reels of your favorite slots, get daily bonus and get big win and big fun! Features 1. A simple interface means you can start playing in...
Shaohong Ke
本游戏是测试智商的最佳工具!它可以看看你和你的朋友是不是智(yi)力(ge )超(sha)群(bi)! 下载本游戏,你将获得...
Defend Ukraine
Volodymyr Gorovyi
Defend Ukraine! We are team of enthusiastic Ukrainians and fans of Ukraine. This game is dedicated to the Country and its heroic defenders we all love and respect. Help to defend Ukraine from foreign aggressors with...
ferdinand D.
Rubbing that little thing has never been this much addictive! Arkhe is an arcade game which is all about chasing and being chased. If you are a blue circle, flee the green ones. Chased by 6 enemies? Hit a stripe to...
Diamond Labs - Bubble Shooter
Maverick Studios Limited
Diamond mania is sweeping the world and the price for Diamonds has gone crazy. The Professor has discovered a formula to create Red Diamonds from a potion of liquid crystal jewels. But now he needs your help to join a...
a Absolute Wrestling Jump
Surachai Thanaprasitpattana
The AAAAA Wrestling Jump is a new game for jump style. The characters are Wrestling (there are four Wrestling s) and jumping to avoid obstacles enemy that coming to smash the wrestling man. The challenge is there are 4...
Jan Hrnjak
A giant flood came to this asian city and the mine is FLOODED! Everybody wants to go there to discover the flooded mine and take the Talismans! Mr. Wong came up with a great plan! He is a diver and he decided to go to...
Helicopter Snake
Sara Al-Kindy
Avoid branches, collect butterflies and try to get the highest score you can!
2014年10月登場の「シンデレラブレイド2」が早くもアプリで登場! パチスロ「シンデレラブレイド2」のシミュレーターアプリです。...
Mr. Flappy Duck
Parves Miah
Flappy Ducks is a very addictive arcade game with two different mode. - Flappy Mode - Arcade Mode Flappy Mode is as simple as other flappy games. But instead of birds, you have to play with a duck bird. You have three...
Real Traffic Racing 3d
Sergii Sokolov
Real Traffic Racing is a milestone in the genre of endless arcade racing. Drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. Try to be one of the fastest drivers! FEATURES - Realistic...
Soccer Champions: Ultimate Cup
Neil McAllen
Have a ball playing soccer on your mobile device with Soccer Champions: Ultimate Cup. Unlock powerups and try to achieve the almost impossible "Double S–rank"! DEVELOP YOUR PLAYER FROM ROOKIE TO SUPERSTAR Manage your...