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Ola Dance Party - Avoid the Icicles Paid
RadChill LLC
Keep the snowman jumping on the snowballs trying not to let him fall into the icy bank. More jumps equals higher scores. "Fun game to play with the family." Elsa L. Challenge your loved ones to see who can score the...
Polar Bear Retreat - Icy Watery Escape Paid
glenn taylor
Try to trap the bear on the last remaining cube of ice while he moves from one cube to another. "Challenging game to try to keep the bear from escaping." Mark R. Can you keep the polar bear from making it to the shore?...
Grape Galaxy Shooter
Derrick Griffin
Defend the Grape Galaxy Universe by shooting at the enemy ships. Watch your HP as their attacks are really tough! Drag your ship around and press the action button to shoot.
Tap Fast Plus
Tanner Crook
Tap Fast Plus is a game where you tap a button as many times as possible in a given amount of time. See how big your high score can get!
Spaceship Commander Lite
Xiaolei Niu
ONLY ON THE APP STORE! This is an endless space arcade game in which you will serve as the commander of two spaceships exploring the universe. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to guide your spaceships...
Locky Smith
Dalton Varney
A fun arcade game made by two college students. Play as Mr. Smithy as he busts through doors to freedom. We want you to have a great time, so any feedback would be appreciated -- email marketing@takeoverlegend.com with...
Hammy Go Round
"An endless runner that does some interesting things with its structure" - Carter Dotson, Touch Arcade "Hammy Go Round invents the hamster wheel of platform gaming" - Alrdin Calimlim, AppAdvice "An interesting spin on...
Adventure Time Game Wizard - Draw Your Own Adventure Time Games
Cartoon Network
"Truly innovative and potentially infinite, Adventure Time Game Wizard is an essential purchase for younger players interested in making games, and doubly-so for for fans of the show” - Pocket Gamer "maybe ten,...
Snake ■
Limit Point Software
The classic Snake game. Casual, simple, but addicting. ■ SWIPE to move the snake. ■ HIT the purple food. ■ SCORE points and get on the leaderboards.
Chase The Mouse
Jungrila Soft
GameSalad presents GAME JAM 2014 WINNER!! - 2 game modes & 2 control modes! - Fine pixel art! - Quaint 8 bit sounds! Game Outline: Get away from the chase of cat hunters, and get gold coins! How To Play: [COIN...
Coco Mad
Bill Arneth
Help Bobo protect his noggin from falling coconuts! Throw bananas at the coconuts to break them. You only have a limited amount of bananas so be careful not to miss! Breaking the coconuts gives you another banana to...
Jump Ninja: The Rooftop Hero
Edmunds Kalnins
Jump from one rooftop to another one, collect coins and dodge or attack the rooftop creatures. Don't fall down! How far can you get?
Maze Challenge - Free Fun Game
Mokool Inc
Maze Challenge - How Far Can You Get out of the Maze? Maze Challenge is a simple, fun and challenging game. You move the ball up the screen through maze and see how many squares you can move the fall up. Play Maze...
Sky Patrol
Beartrap Games Limited
'Strategic Twist On The Classic Shooter Genre' - Indie Game Mag! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the Arcade world of Sky Patrol - a fast-paced combat game at your...
Did you use to spend hours playing Qix and every spare minute playing Snake? Then Qake will surely hit the spot! Qake is a retro-design game, inspired by arcade and cell phone classics. It offers entertaining diversion...
Jelly smadre Fun Ad Free
Sandeep Bhandari
You love jelly, right? Sure you do. Everyone loves jelly. And you love jumping? What’s more fun than jumping around? Get as high as you can in this high-jumping, high-scoring, touch-controlled game. Choose your jelly...
Earthquake Treasure Robber Pro
Lauro Sousa
I had woken up with everything trembling in my apartment. Suddenly I looked throughout the window and saw this skillful thief jumping on the roofs and stealing a lot of treasures on roof tops, from building to...
Lauro Sousa
***** ENTER THE WORLD OF POLYHEDRON BLACK, AS A PRO ***** In Polyhedron black, every draw you create keeps moving. And when your creations move, you are seeing pure magic ! Here’s your objective: create a line that...
Pizza Rabbit
Holly Clift-Matthews
Help Rocco eat all the pizza! But be careful, the hawks have swooped in and want it for themselves! Jump over the spikes, avoid the hawks and eat as much pizza as you can so Rocco doesn't go hungry.
Gems Crush - Gem Blitz Solitaire!
Rizwan Ahmed
Gems Crush - Gem Blitz Solitaire! Play Gems Match - the game that is super easy to play, but hard to put down! Match any three gems horizontally, vertically to clear them. The game will get faster and more difficult as...