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Queendom and Queens
A non-casual platform game that is operated with one finger. It was designed for the 16-BIT respected difficulty. Items and growth systems are not implemented. It depend on your skill. But the ENERGY is increased when...
The SingleOut
Your new sickness : SingleOut. At home, at work, on the bus, on an airplane, between two emails, when on break, in the toilet, in a commercial break, when and where ever is boring... long story short, SingleOut will be...
A Adventure In Candy Dreams
Joseph Hadley
Jump, Fly, Tap and Bounce your way through this Candy Dream World collecting all the candy coated coins! During your tasty adventure , you test your endurance and reflexes by jumping crazy spinning treats, firing from...
Happy Slot
Zheng Ma
Download now and Free to Play! Try out the blazing hot 2015 mobile slots game! Your pet happy fishes are waiting for you, come now and feed them to get more god coins!
 An extraordinary and unique slot machine game...
Matching Hero Kids Game For Avengers Edition
Sureeluk Chockbamrung
First, exercise your brain with games specifically designed to test your memory. Fun Cartoon For Avengers Edition Memory is a straight-forward tile-matching game for young children (preschool to elementary school age)...
Conquer Mars
Fred W
Earth has intercepted an interstellar message from Mars saying that they plan to attack Earth and take over the planet. Since you are the best pilot on Earth, we sent you to Mars to take the fight to them on their...
Smart Boxing 3D
Nasir Butt
Smart-Boxing is a combat boxing game, in which you have to fight with other boxers … you have to defeat them to go further… just select a player and an opponent and play boxing. How to Play: - Select an opponent...
Block Jumper Premium
albert ventura
Tap to Jump and fly your way through an endless fun game! Geometry block jumping game. Multi-color player and scenes. Simple one touch game play!
Geometry Runner
albert ventura
Run, Jump and fly your way running action game. Watch the color change try to get as far as you can with out hitting the walls. Hours of fun arcade game play. Challenge your friends to see who can get the highest...
Bird and Spikes
albert ventura
Make the little bird fly! Try not to touch the spikes! If you like the game and want to support us, please write or update your review on the AppStore! Thank you very much. Product Features: Great game Fun Challanging...
Robot Programmer
Geng Guan
In this game, your are a programmer who write code for robots. You write programs to control the robot to do these things: moving around, picking up things, putting down things and breaking things. Yet with these...
Candy Splash Happy
Zengfei Xu
Slide your finger to make three or more same color candies anyway can be linked to eliminate.
Moto Joe
Harsh Rajat
Tap, jump, dodge and perform stunts in this extreme casual game that is sure to get your daily dose of cray cray. Get Moto Joe Completely Free today!
Switch & Drop
Chillingo Ltd
Switch, drop and match colors to clear the blocks in this new kind of puzzle game. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings. Matching falling rows to clear as many colored blocks as you can. Simple...
Monster vs Sheep
Goon Studios LLC
The monster is hungry and on the attack! Can you stop the monster from destroying the city? Monster vs Sheep is a fun-filled arcade, free-throw extravaganza! Toss fluffy sheep into a giant monster’s mouth to save a...
Jetpack Star Pro
Michelle Moots
JETPACK STAR is an addictive game with a simple one-touch control. Collect stars for a high score, keep your fuel tank full, and watch out for those pesky birds. Compete with players across the world on the...
Color Labyrinth PRO
Academ Media Games, LLC
FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! It's time to start a new marvelous journey in the ANCIENT mines! Only God knows what MYSTERIES are hiding there. It's your chance to find out in a new exciting adventure game Color Labyrinth...
Treasure Runner - Space Adventure PRO
Academ Media
FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! How do you think, is there life on other planets? Of course, yes! And moreover, one of the planets is being attacked by nasty invaders. It’s you, who can stop them and prevent the planet...
zhao an
ShapeBox is a game that includes 2048 feature and shape features. We believe if you are interested in 2048 game, you will love this game too! ShapeBox bring you lots of shape, different shapes have different skills,...
Shooting Balloon Pro
Rotate the cannon with finger for set aim and hold to choose the power of your throw. Shooting Balloon is the sweetest casual game ever available on Android. Aim, shoot object and crush your way to victory! Loads of...