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Tilt & Sprout: Free Trial Pack

by Twiddly
"The perfect title to grab if you want to test the wider screen of your iPhone 5" -

"It's fun. It's simple. The graphics are sweet, pretty and colourful." -

★★★★★ - "EXCELLENT" -

4.5 / 5 - "The graphics are nice and the controls are easy to use" -


Meet ‘TILT’ the flower obsessed bluebird. He has a plan but needs your help. With your skills and smarts he wants to grow amazing, colorful, wacky plants across the land, but needs your intellect and reflexes to conquer the fiendish puzzles and hazards that lie in wait underground. In exchange he’ll happily hand over his collection shiny medals (his grandma was a magpie).

Guide your continuously growing sprouts through increasingly challenging underground labyrinths. Collect speed boosting minerals to make your plant blossom into a vivacious flower and rake in MEGA POINTS on the leader boards.

Strategy, Bold Rich Graphics and Intense Competition collide in the incredible puzzle game - TILT & SPROUT.

In this Free Version

Tilt is giving you his first packet of seeds FREE to get you prepared for the challenge ahead.

• Use simple Tilt controls to navigate cleverly crafted, imaginative levels

• 12 fun packed levels of twists and turns to navigate

• Successfully grown flowers appear in your garden

• Retina Graphics

• Optimized to run FULL SCREEN on iPhone 5

• Stuck in the mud on a level - NEW SKIP OPTION now available

• Game Center Leader Boards and Achievements coming in an update very very soon!

Upgrade to the FULL version of Tilt & Sprout in-app to unlock the additional content below:

• 48 additional Puzzles and Challenges across 4 New Themes, with FREE UPDATES

• Each packet of seeds introduces a NEW GAMEPLAY MECHANIC to encounter

• More Leader Boards / Achievements

• Imaginative level select screens that grow with your progress

• Active environments weed their way in to give unexpected gameplay situations

• Rake in MEGA POINTS - growing the longest sprout root, mowing through loose objects, obtaining each level’s minerals and bloom a healthy flower.

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Tilt & Sprout: Free Trial Pack Tilt & Sprout: Free Trial Pack Tilt & Sprout: Free Trial Pack Tilt & Sprout: Free Trial Pack Tilt & Sprout: Free Trial Pack

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