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Tilt & Sprout

by Twiddly
"Tilt & Sprout is one of those games that is nice to have installed on your iPhone, when you need a few minutes to relax and forget about your stressful day." -

★★★★★ - "EXCELLENT" -

4.5 / 5 - "The graphics are nice and the controls are easy to use" -


Meet Tilt, a cuddly blue bird with a seed obsession. He eats, sleeps and dreams seeds. He even owns his own seed store. He loves his seeds, but he loves flowers even more!

Can you help Tilt grow his sprouting seeds into beautiful blooms by steering the growing shoots around the dangers that lie underground?

I mean seriously, who’d have thought there would be so much trash down there? And if the defenseless little sprout bashes into any of it - it’s curtains!

You’ll need skills and smarts to get through all 60 puzzle-filled levels - Tilt is counting on you!


• Simple tilt controls…intuitive to play!

• A different bloom on every level - collect ‘em all!

• Varied game mechanics that can help and hinder...
• Original gameplay - try something new!

• 60 fun-filled levels in imaginative cartoon-style landscapes

• Quirky surprises to be found

• 34 Game Center Achievements to unlock

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Recent changes:
Come and join Tilt down on the Farm in this great new update for Tilt & Sprout! We've added 12 brand new levels with an exciting twist that will tease and melt your mind, bringing the total number of levels to a whopping 60! Also new - • squillions of fancy graphical tweaks • new lighting effects across all levels • 2 new Game Center achievements

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Tilt & Sprout Tilt & Sprout Tilt & Sprout Tilt & Sprout Tilt & Sprout

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