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Sky Wars Pro

by Digital Prunes, Inc.
This online multi-player battle game with extremely realistic physics will make your finger stiff with flicking!

When mankind finally burned up the earth's supply of oil they had no other choice but turn back to the roots: coal and steam. They have perfected the craft of steam-driven machinery and began getting around faster than they ever had before.

After a while though all that steam condensed back to earth and covered it with water entirely. People had to take to the skies. And the wars began! You can't draw a line in the air and even if you could no one would respect it. If you want to defend your turf, just be ready to be confronted by a squadron of steam-propelled Skyships and have your Skyfleet all lined up at all times.

This is a battle game where you throw your skyships at your enemy's with a flick of a finger to knock them off the battle field. Be careful not to send your own skyships flying after them. The last one standing (or rather flying) wins the battle.

In addition to your dexterity some strategic skills are required: ever so often some nifty powerups appear out of the thin air. These powerups are activated when a skyship bumps into them. Use them wisely, calculate your moves to trigger a chain reaction of traps and explosions that leads to the elimination of your enemy.

Sky Wars is packed with amazing features:
- extremely realistic physics that makes mid-air collisions and explosions look so real!
- every possible variant of multi-player is supported: over Bluetooth, over local WiFi and over internet, both 3G and WiFi (powered by Game Center)
- Accumulate your winning points, earn achievements and progress in your Sky Fleet Ranking
- Compare you progress against the others through online Leader Board

Don't wait: download the game and start crashing skyships of your opponents all over the world!

Recent changes:
- Fixed a problem when players would end up waiting on each other at the start of online game - Replaced Story narrative in the Help with a beautiful video clip - Esthetic improvements

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Sky Wars Pro Sky Wars Pro Sky Wars Pro Sky Wars Pro Sky Wars Pro

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