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Sparrow Spike Snatch
Mohan Rathore
Spend a great time with these amazing party birds. Tired of all those happy and angry birds flying all around your Devices? They have been flying for too long. It's time to catch them all!! Beat the boredom play this...
Captain's Loot - FREE - Slide Rows And Match Treasure Chest Jewels Super Puzzle Game
Daniel Shneor
Put your brain cells to the ultimate challenge with Captain's Loot! Slide the rows until the board's jewels arrangement matches exactly the one in the preview. Simple at first glance and easy to learn, Captain's Loot...
xiaohui feng
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brutus the cat
Frode Stensaa
a jumping cat.
Ice Cream Rain Madness - Funny Clown Umbrella Adventure
Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where it rained big, blobs, of ooey, gooey ice cream? Well now you can! In Ice Cream Rain, Chuckles the Clown is dropped right in the middle of a magical ice cream storm. With...
Lorenzo Premium
Vojtech Kucera
Lorenzo: The Grunty Aeronaut (premium version) Sad life at swinery in Lety, where hundreds of piggies lead their miserable lives. One of pigs, Lorenzo, has developed wings as a result of rare mutation. He uses his...
A Stickman Stunt Wingsuit Flying Challenge
Amy Prizer
You think you have what it takes to keep afloat in this rough world? Just wait until you play this game that will test your concentration skills AND your nimbleness. It's hard enough to try to move through the air when...
Scott Phillips
Ball Run is a fun, addicting platform-arcade game that will have you playing for hours! Battle your way through over 50 levels, avoiding spikes, bombs, lasers and many more obstacles to reach the star and claim...
Bouncy Colors Bubbles - Touch to Spin The Ball FREE
Colorful bouncy balls will keep you entertained for hours on end as you match colorful balls and keep them contained - tap them and watch as they spin! The perfect game to play when you are bored, having a short break...
Castle - Never Judge a Book By Its Cover
GameMill Entertainment
The dynamic duo of Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are at it again and they need your help. You will be tasked with tracking down a killer responsible for killing innocent victims that are oddly connected. However,...
Night - Runner
Rui Gao
wow, a parkour game. enjory yourself.
submarine - dive
Rui Gao
Think you drive a submarine in the sea? Enjory yourself
Battle Maiden Yuko Runner
Derrick Griffin
Once upon a time there was a tough girl named Yuko. She adventures far and wide with her sword. Help Yuko return peace to the lands by collecting gems, fighting monsters and avoiding rocks.
Make it Santa
Don't you love Christmas? Now you can save it. There was a time when the Grinch took over Christmas and kids were crying all over the world. The only way to bring back the Christmas joy is to make the Grinch become...
Mission Car Contest
Rafique Ahmed
You can run the opponents to the first, but the real fun to beat the track records and be faster and faster. Your car can control Tilt your device. Be carefully cross the other cars, if you collide with another car...
Jolly Chick Jump Jam
My Little Games LLC
Time is running out and you must save the bird! How to play: 1. Tap left to slide left and tap right to slide right 2. Avoid obstacles and get the highest score before time runs out 3. Share your score with others...
Mr. Particle-Man
Michael Falk
From the creator of the critically acclaimed iOS game Ms. Particle-Man comes the eagerly anticipated and enigmatically titled sequel, MR. PARTICLE-MAN. Remember the fun, fast-paced, and brutally difficult classic...
Hidden Objects : The Finding Object Game
anthony charlie
The awesome puzzule game - All Level Are Free For Limited Time.. -16 Awesome Level
Soccer Ball on the Line
Xianzhi Liu
we all know that soccer is about developing strong ball control and maneuverability thru the obstacles meaning other players. The players are constantly performing foot drills to ensure that they can move the ball in...
Auto Smash Overdrive - Car Crushed on Asphalt
Dao Tuan Linh
Check out this fun car racing game. Tap the car to speed it up and avoid the crushing asphalt pillars. Fun and free game!