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Treasure Hunt Dig - Pirate Edition
LOLriffic Stuff
How fast do you think your land lubber hands can dig treasure coins out of the sand? Arr, matey, me thinks not as fast as blackbeard otherwise shiver me timbers! Time to dig up some buried treasure and hoist out your...
Tricky Software Inc.
From the makers of the Spore™ Origins and Boggle for the iPhone ... "We had a great time putting Armado the armadillo through his paces, and we're pretty sure you will, too." - SlideToPlay.com Guide Armado as he...
SciFly: Lite
Licentia Software
The full version of SciFly: Dogfight is on sale for $0.99 ================================== Lite Description ================================== Sample one of the most action-packed flying games for the iPhone and iPod...
Toy Bot Diaries 2
IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc.
Your favorite robot is BACK! Join Toy Bot in his latest and greatest adventure: Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2. Toy Bot begins where he left off, climbing out of the dingy sewers and into a whole new world of challenges in...
Flick Fishing
Freeverse, Inc.
☆ The 25th Best Selling Game of ALL TIME on iTunes! ☆ Top Fishing App on the App Store! ☆ Over TWO AND A HALF MILLION SOLD! Fully animated "living" environments combine with intuitive real-life controls to create...
3D Constructo Combat
Concrete Software, Inc.
Go constructo crazy! Construct buildings on a variety of 3D landscapes while preventing opponents from doing the same. To win, you must shoot down your opponent and construct the most buildings before time runs out!...
Soul Trapper: Episode 1 - Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!
Realtime Associates, Inc.
Sure, you’re good at video games, but how are you at audio challenges? Soul Trapper is a unique, richly produced interactive audio drama that’s going to challenge your memory, stereo perception and pattern...
SciFly: Dogfight
Licentia Software
************************************** Now on sale for only $0.99! Original price: $2.99 ************************************** SciFly: Dogfight is an action packed 3D aerial combat game for the iPhone and iPod Touch....
Wings Earth: Flight Simulator Experience
Bottle Rocket
[Check out Wings Galaxy - New to the App Store!] Four times the graphic detail as before! LOOK OUT iPOD/iPHONE LOVERS... 2.5 IS HERE!: Water-world, English Plains, Arizona landscape with salt flats and plateaus,...
Free Spore™ Origins LE
Electronic Arts
See all of our EA DAILY DEALS at eamobile.com/dailydeals. New Play, Every Day! Eat-or-be-Eaten in SPORE™ Origins! Put your iPhone's motion-sensing accelerometer to the test to survive the primordial ooze. Tilt, turn...
Loopy Laboratory
Bas Tossings
"a Very Pleasant Surprise" - TouchArcade.com "I fell for Loopy Laboratory the second I started the first level", 4/5 stars - touchgen.net "a fun little game" - The Gadgeteer...
Whack O Lantern
DHX Media (Toronto) Ltd.
NOTE: Our free games are all ad free and are full versions. Although some games might be simple you will never need to worry about viewing ads or only playing a demo of a game that should be free in the first place....
Nanosaur 2
Pangea Software, Inc.
• PLAY NETWORKED MULTIPLAYER! • Play in true HD on your HDTV via Airplay on iOS 5! • Universal Binary: Runs on iPhone & iPad. • NOMINATED FOR "BEST APP EVER AWARDS" Nanosaur 2 will blow your mind as you blow...
Ice Mice
Tim Oriol
Ice Mice is a simple, yet addicting game. You must help Mr. Franco Mouse dodge the falling ice by simply tilting the device to either side. These intuitive controls and the never-ending, ever-accelerating barrage of...
Wood Driller
Help the caveman to build a fire. You must shake or tap as fast as you can, to drill the woods and make a fire before you run out of time. Try hard to improve your speed every time, and beat your own or your friend's...
Bugdom 2
Pangea Software, Inc.
The best action-adventure game for iOS!!! • Play on your TV in *true* HD via Airplay or the Apple HDMI Adapter! • Universal Binary! Runs on both iPhone & iPad! • iPhone Award Winner by appstoreapps.com •...
Fernando Pereira
PhatLewt is a simple game to "explore the caves of iPhonia Undergroundia" in search of monsters to fight and treasure to pillage (well.. you might find some old, rotten cheese instead of gold, but there is gold there,...
Corey Ledin
Ninja is a fun and simple game of evasion where you move Shinshuka (the Ninja) using your ipod orientation. Objective, live as long as possible! Your score depends on how long you live & the longer you live the harder...
Marble Mash ™
Jirbo, Inc.
ATTENTION JIRBO FANS: our mesmerizing new 3D fish game, Tap Reef, has launched for iPhone and iPad. Check out tapreef.com to download this gorgeous game! *****Jirbo presents Marble Mash for iPhone and iPod Touch!*****...
Pi-Soft Consulting, LLC
Colossal Cave Adventure (also known as ADVENT, Colossal Cave, or Adventure) (Crowther, 1976; Crowther & Woods, 1977), an iPhone version of the first text adventure computer game. Rewrote game to implement 1000-point...