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JetMan Extreme Velocity
A blast to pay and hard to master! Collect the sparkling diamonds and life bubbles. Avoid the evil exploding bubbles or blast your way through them. The faster and further you go, the more points you score! Watch out...
Mega Man® II
Beeline Interactive, Inc.
Be sure to check out the all-new Mega Man X now available in the App Store. ------------------------------------------------ Mega Man® is back and better than ever in this updated version of the legendary platformer....
Payback Lite
James Daniels
Get a taste of Payback (the critically acclaimed GTA-style game for the iPhone/iPod Touch) with this Lite version. LITE VERSION FEATURES: + The first chapter from the full game + Fully 3D environment and vehicles +...
Konami Digital Entertainment
Available Now! The Complete Version of "METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH," offers a fresh, new touch-shooting experience! Created with the concept of allowing users to “touch" upon the world of MGS, “METAL GEAR SOLID...
Diamond Islands FREE
Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Travel to the ancient world and discover Diamond Islands, a refreshingly and addictive puzzle game! ----------------------------------------- Check out our latest games: 3D Mini Golf Challenge Dictator Defense Download...
Diamond Islands
Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Travel to the ancient world and discover Diamond Islands, a refreshingly and addictive puzzle game packed with up to 100 levels and a whole lot of fun! ----------------------------------------- GAME REVIEW IGN scores...
UFO Hunter
Europa Pictures
From the dawn of time to today's headlines, the UFO phenomenon has a long and rich history. You can now become a UFO Hunter. The truth is out there and you are uniquely positioned to assist in this historic adventure....
Detective Saburo Jinguji A Decisive Move
WorkJam co., ltd.
Detective Saburo Jinguji Series No.18. NOTICE: Only Japanese version available!
Laser Shark Free
Apps For Hunger Inc.
Don't bite the swinging mace, you won't be able to eat while your stunned. Don't let time run out, get the fish as fast as you can. Catch the fish or zap them with beams, just drag from anywhere on the screen the...
Garden War
In this TD game, Ravenous pests are invading your garden and eating your flowers! Use water shot,grume launcher,stone launcher,fire blazer and powerful electric tower to defeat them. On sale, 67% off for limited time,...
Tim Oriol
Collect green orbs to score points while avoiding obstacles. The game features ten challenging stages, with new orbs and unique soundtracks being introduced each level. To advance, you must achieve the target score for...
Rogue Touch
Rogue Touch is based on the classic dungeon crawler Rogue. This famous turn based adventure-RPG has been re-designed from the ground up for easy touch screen gaming, no crazy keyboard commands or dozens of hard to...
Pocket Hero
Cory Leach
If you're a fan of RPG style games and are looking for that perfect time waster app for your phone look no further! You can pick up Pocket Hero right where you left off without a problem and it can even be played with...
Puzzle Quest Free
TransGaming, Inc.
Follow us @TG_Studios on Twitter! Puzzle Quest Free is an addictive gem matching puzzle game combined with an epic role-playing adventure that is perfect for both casual and hard-core game enthusiasts. This...
Detective Saburo Jinguji Waiting for sunrise
WorkJam co., ltd.
Detective Saburo Jinguji Series No.17. NOTICE: Only Japanese version available!
Adventure in the Canadian Yukon in the days before the gold rush. SavageNorth is an online RPG featuring a persistent world. When you join the game you will begin in a small native village. Your objective then is to...
There is only one rule: Stay in the light. This application is very light puzzle game. It has only 9 stages, you can finish all of them in just a matter of minutes. Simply tap the exit door to make him walk to there....
Ancient Tomb Adventure
Wolfgang Rausch
Features: - 3D First Person adventure - Many Levels to discover - Sound - Free Movement in the pyramid - 3 Difficulty levels, that influence the intelligence of the guards Story: You are an hobby archaeologist and on...
Bobby Carrot Forever
FDG Entertainment
BEGINNERS GUIDE & WALKTHROUGH AVAILABLE! www.bobbycarrot.com *********************************************************** PRESS REVIEWS: *********************************************************** AppGamer.net: "Need...
Yet to be Named Enterprise
Spice up this Valentine's Day with this intimate game of chance. Beautifully designed lovers dice game guaranteed to ratchet up the romance in your relationship. REVIEWS: "Fun. Gotta love the iPhone in the bedroom!"...