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Kodame Dash Spirit Attack - PRO - Fantasy Green Dryad Endless Street Runner Game
Daniel Shneor
Run like hell to escape the many dangers of the small medieval village. monsters and crazy obstacles are everywhere, but they can’t stop Kodama from dashing for his life. Easy to learn and exceptionally addictive,...
Jungle Cruise PRO - Wild Adventure
UberZany Games, LLC
You are the captain of this boat. Take charge of your Jungle Cruise through treacherous waters, where hippos, elephants, even snakes live. This is a Wild Adventure that you are sure not to forget! PRO Version: No Ads...
Purdy Red Pigeon PRO: Endless 3D Flyer
303 Velocity
Test your reflexes as you race through the forest. Swipe to maneuver, duck and jump so that your low-flying bird avoids obstacles, collects yummy bird seed and buys power ups. Find out just how far you can fly! Collect...
Crazy Coin Drop
Malachi Mickelonis
Crazy Coin Drop is aimed at the casual gamers who don't have time to play full adventure games. Beat your high score and compete with others to see who can get the most coins caught in their basket. hints on how to...
BABYLON DELUXE - Starship Deathmatch Pro
Daniell Johnston
What players are saying about BABYLON DELUXE – Starship Deathmatch: ***** “Loving it. This game is pure deathmatch and it when it gets hot it gets HOTTT!!!” -Luke, United Kingdom ***** “Space-invaders on...
Ambitious Beavers
The galaxy needs your help Super Puppy! Each world has been infested by a terrifying boss who has turned the local inhabitants into evil beings! Battle through the stages and defeat these tyrannical bosses to save the...
Jaclene Prongay
Surf Game. Avoid the coral. Try to get the highest score. To play: Touch the screen up and down to control the surfboard.
Alien Abduction : A Spaceman swinging for his life in dark galaxy PRO
fun toolz
******Top Swinging Spaceman Game on IOS******* Do you want to explore, swing and flip in dark space? If yes, then this game is designed for you! Swing, spin, Tap and Bounce your own way to save the Alien life in the...
City Escape: Girl Roof Top Runner Pro
Tracey Webster
City Escape: Girl Roof Top Runner *ONE WORD… ADDICTIVE!!* ‘Awesome Free Game! Love It!’ ‘Love the Retro Feel’ Escape the city in this endless roof top runner game. Great for kids as well as adults. Help the...
ProGame - Nascar 14 Version
Impera Media Inc
It's your turn to immerse yourself in the full-throttle thrill of the world's most exciting motor sports racing series in NASCAR '14. Take the wheel from your favorite driver and participate in the race week experience...
Clistas Monster Adventure Dash
Derrick Griffin
Travel with Clistas around the lands discovering what adventures and trouble she can find. This is an easy platform game where you can knock out enemies and fall through floors to get through levels. - Travel with...
Greatest Creepy Pasta Onslaught 2
hadi pintarto
The sequel of most awaited horror game of all time Greatest Creepy Pasta Onslaught Part 2 offer you the best creepy pasta terrors of all time. From Slenderman, Zalgo, SCP-173 until The Rake,Jeff The Killer and many...
Splash Damage: Survive if you can
Hashstash Studios
Splash Damage is an arcade, platforming game, where two pools of liquids want you to drown. If you touch the liquids, your weight changes making it difficult to move. Use crazy platforming skills to stay alive as long...
Tractor Rush
shahzoor ahmed
Jump into your Classical Tractor on this unusually challenging courses and try to perform as many stunts possible in this adrenaline action-packed, heart-thumping Tractor game. Features: -Unique and smooth gameplay...
Asteroid Crashers
Navigate your way through asteroid fields at high speeds and see who can get the fastest time.
MasterKey For Treasure HD
ChunYan Yang
We are proud to announce the game MasterKey! You are a treasure hunter who has acquired the keys to countless treasure chests. You must travel into the forest, through the caves, across the beach, and onto the pirate...
An Imperial Dynasty
Tim Robbins
Join the ULTIMATE Battle for Domination of the Kingdom! Play the most addicting & interactive Action Strategy game!! Build & Customize your Empire. Train & Level-up your HERO!! RESEARCH to make your EMPIRE more...
Clouds of Utopia - for kids and adults
Dominik Saur
Get ready to be steersman of your own flying ship, the "Cloud Chaser" ! Help Captain Blimp to bring his catch of the season back home to Utopia. Cover the whole distance to reach your home harbor in Utopia and unload...
A Blue Rose Mystery - Hidden Objects Puzzle
Danlei Su
*** $4.99 -> $2.99 TODAY ONLY! GET THE MOST VALUABLE HIDDEN OBJECTS COLLECTION NOW!*** *** BEST HIDDEN OBJECTS GAME 2014 *** A Blue Rose Mystery, a fascinating game that mixes hidden object hunts with mini-games. It...
Adventure Of Da Vinci's Secret HD
Xiao Lei Li
*** SALE from $4.99 -> $2.99, TODAY ONLY! *** *** BEST NEW HIDDEN OBJECT GAME 2014 *** Adventure Of Da Vinci Secret is a mystery-style hidden objects game. In a mystic mansion, inhabited by strange but lovely people,...