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- Catch The Stars -

by Alkacom
Catch the stars is a game in which you will enjoy catching shiny stars!

A small group of funny aliens was set on a mission to try life on Earth. With modest energy supplies,the group was forced to go back to their far away civilization. On their way,they hit a lot of obstacles but possibilities for making mistakes are minimum.

Will the funny, green aliens, in their ridiculous red space ship manage to go back to their home planet depends only on you. Therefore, you are responsible for flying the space ship. In order to recharge your power, you have to catch stars by space ship.

You have only three impulsions which you have to use smartly to catch all stars.

Recent changes:
- Add French language - Add New Level pack - Now the pack "Pulsar" is free for regular users

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- Catch The Stars - - Catch The Stars - - Catch The Stars - - Catch The Stars - - Catch The Stars -

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