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Crossroad Zombies

by Peter Fussl
"Crossroad Zombies" breaks with genres and simply intermixes them. Play god, reach directly into the game and help that special someone to survive against a zombie horde - at a crossroad, for highscores. The humans that are living or vacationing at this crossing are running around in panic and you can help them to survive as well, but there are trade offs: Do you concentrate on the majority or better just on the special someone? It's up to you!
And - of course - it's not as easy as it might sound: You have to use your mighty flash power to push zombies, humans and the special someone in the direction you want. Naturally, as good god you can not kill the zombies or humans directly and have to use your procedurally generated surroundings (there are lots of cars and busses at a crossroad, you know?!) to get rid off them.
The rules are simple: You get points for surviving, the more zombies the more points per second. How long can you survive?

* Retro pixel graphics and retro sounds including 8bit voice samples
* Genre-mix: god-survival-zombie-highscore-arcade game
* Every game feels different thanks to procedurally generated level layouts
* Use your mighty flash power to directly reach into the scenery
* 3 visual settings: city, desert and grasslands
* Zombies!
* Game Center Leaderboard to show off your score and compare with others
* Game Center Achievements
* Available for iPads with iOS 5 or later (iPad 3 and later recommended for best experience)
* Even more zombies!

Recent changes:
* added tutorial * added more different cars * added plane and paratroopers * added clouds * added new achievement * fixed a small Game Center issue when achieving a new highscore while being offline * several smaller bugfixes, balancing tweaks and graphics improvements

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