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I Dig It: Journey to the Core

by Team Chaos LLC
Something sinister is going on in the center of the Earth. Using the world's only deep-earth Digger, it's up to you to journey to the planet's core and uncover its secrets.

It's up to you to dig deep into the Earth's core and uncover the mysteries that lie within all while earning money, upgrading your Digger, and outfitting it with unique abilities. Find rare artifacts, find complete sets of special relics, and explore environments ranging from the depths below your farm to underground lava caverns and secret bases. Oh, and do all this while navigating a dynamic fluid system that can completely change the entire structure of a level if the wrong fluids combine to form disastrous combustions.

- Blow away obstacles and navigate through treacherous terrain! Watch out for dangerous liquids, like water, magma, and acid!
- Customize your Digger with unique upgrades and entirely new Digger types to help you dig faster, move quicker, take more damage, and dig deeper and deeper.
- Over 200 artifacts, fossils, gems, and other relics to discover and collect.
- Meet a cast of colorful characters who help you along in your journey below the surface!
- Keep drilling down and discover the secrets contained deep within the center of the Earth.

Can you dig it?

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I Dig It: Journey to the Core I Dig It: Journey to the Core I Dig It: Journey to the Core I Dig It: Journey to the Core I Dig It: Journey to the Core

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