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Slashing Demons

by Mathieu Akita
"Slashing Demons" is the untold story of an endless fight between human kind and divine forces.
Hundreds years ago, human greed and selfishness triggered Gods’ wrath who decided to send their monstrous beasts to destroy humanity.

Entire armies failed to defend the Earth and you are the last hope for those who survived.
Will you be brave enough to defy Gods’ creatures and change mankind’s destiny?

Draw your sword and show your courage by slashing gigantic monsters.
But be careful and pay attention to their disgusting tongues because if they catch you, you’ll be crushed to death, in a slow and horrible agony.

You can also collect gems to unlock new warriors.
Valiant knight, bloodthirsty berserker, pirates… choose your own style to face Gods’ punishment.

- Outstanding graphics
- A catchy rock music
- An addictive and intuitive gameplay
- A challenging experience
- More than ten different characters to unlock
- Share your high scores via Game Center

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Slashing Demons Slashing Demons Slashing Demons Slashing Demons Slashing Demons

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