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Rogue Vertex

by Tangent Worlds
*** Now FREE in celebration of our persistent online game, Rogue Vertex Online. ***

Rogue Vertex is a top-down 2D space shooter that takes full advantage of the iPhone/iPod Touch controls.

- Tilt the device to move your ship.
- Tap the screen to fire your rail gun.
- Slide your thumb to launch a devastating bomb which can be detonated by shooting it with your rail gun.

Fight through waves of various enemies and defeat the final boss in a six-phase fight.

Enemies are spawned randomly - no two games are the same!

Latest Major Features:
- New Mini-Boss Added.
- Overcharge Power-up Added.
- Difficulty rebalanced.
- Memory Optimization.
- Multitasking compatibility.

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*** Check out our new persistent online game: Rogue Vertex Online ***

Recent changes:
- iOS 4 multitasking compatibility. - Rogue Vertex will auto-pause when interrupted.

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Rogue Vertex Rogue Vertex Rogue Vertex Rogue Vertex Rogue Vertex

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