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by Pattern Making CO., LLC
Looking to play a truly new game on the iPhone?

The first title from the minds at pattern making co, Radius transcends novel control schemes and monkeys in balls to bring you a uniquely addictive experience. (just kidding we love monkeys in balls).

The game is simple - with enemies spawning constantly your job is to stop them from destroying your sphere by tapping them to destruction. Navigate by clicking and dragging. With each additional moment the pace quickens. What’s your high score?

Game Reviews:
"Radius has a polished look and offers innovative gameplay that I find both challenging and enjoyable."
- Blake,

"This is how you make a budget iPhone game!"
- Nigel Wood,

"If you enjoy simple yet challenging puzzle/action games, you’ll easily waste more time on Radius than you would a movie."
- Jason Evangelho,

Known Issues:
Sound does not play on ipod touch - go to settings > general > enable sound effects
Crashing on start up - restart your iphone/ipod

Note From The Developer:
We want to thank all of our customers for supporting our product. It's users like you that make what we do possible. We really can't overstate this enough - your glowing reviews have helped us immensely. With that in mind we continue to work on Radius while simultaneous producing our second game.


Recent changes:
Fixed menu problems in iOS4. Added iPad support.

Package name


Radius Radius Radius Radius

Rating: 3.5
317 ratings


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